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  1. nah man, i fly frequently and i ALWAYS burn on my way to the airport. you can go in that bitch stinkin like whatever, but if your bringin some with u then dont be walkin in that place smelling like tommy chong. whenever i fly with bud i always keep it on my person. wrap it up tight n jock that shit. The dogs you see at the airport are rarely looking for pot, they are usually trained to find explosives.
  2. yall should check out the Old School Tattoo Expo in St. Louis this year. early november. Always a sick lineup and always a great time. dope city to paint as well.
  3. msk is the celebrities of graffiti and some of yall just some dick riding paparazzi. they're shit is dope as fuck, no question. but why in the fuck does anyone think that they are above anyone else. if they go over a local why is it unheard of or seem absurd to take the spot back? they are no different than any other writer and should still play by the same "rules". thats all... SOME STOLEN SOME NOT:
  4. DSD listens to Diana Ross and Justin Bieber when he masturbates to the little mermaid giving handjobs to 12 asian midgets
  5. you might as well leave this one alone Sarcasm for you own good. im sure you got a REALLL nice SLR that DSD would love to take flicks with. and your crossing some lines a "grown" man shouldnt. If your a "vet of 20 years" to this game than grow the fuck up. When you sit down at the breakfast table today and have a nice cup of coffee while looking at your bulldog ugly wife, think about this... You take FLICKS buddy.. thats it. Not even REALLY good flicks. just flicks. in my opinon and ALOT of OGs in this game would all agree; Toy or not , any, and i do mean ANY toy still out-ranks you bc at least they TRY. You take photos bc you wanna be apart of this subculture you find so cool, but you've never even picked up a can of paint to do anything but redecorate your patio furniture. deep inside you really wish you could be one of the top dogs, but your too afraid to even try... or maybe you did try at one point an were so embarrassed you gave up. your little quips aren't cute /amusing. your flicks are decent. but fuck for all i know u bought a 2000$ camera and just set that bitch to AUTO focus. Bottom line. you dont even paint. period. you dont have any skills in this game so you have NOOOOOO room to call anyone a toy.id put money on DSD being able to do cleaner work that anything your claiming. You dont risk ANYTHING, besides maybe stepping on a nail at the packard.... Ypu ever get chased by cops while on parole? nah.... you prolly seen a cop MAYBE and ran so u could feel like your part of it but in reality, you can flick flick flick all day and your not doing anything illegal. I know youve got pretentiousness in spades, but really, until you paint, your opinion means about a much as my girlfriends cat. maybe a little less... abd you say your a 20 yr vet... then humor us and post a flick of some of the paint you been puttin down over the last 20 yrs. for painting that long i would have thought id seen some of your work by now player... you paintin in the sewer system or something?
  6. fuck yall. the only squatter I know of is tom. and that aint no joke, that nigga is traight squatter status right now. as far as what I said earlier for those that got to read it before I realized I made a mistake about revok. I dont hate msk/awr. I dont hate any of you that write, I might not like your work, but what i do is nothing pretty to look at. but I remain where I stand on I dont care how pretty it is, if you go over me Im taking you out. I thought that was a pretty simple rule this towns writers have always followed. I do stalk out of revoks spot thought with my black book that I dont own in hopes he will hit it. no, the only people I hate here are snitches and faggot photographers that claim to be a writer 20 years ago. dsd
  7. oh stop, you LOVE this thread! :D
  8. whats more toy? omeone doing shitty graffiti because they just started and are always trying new/different shit to develp their own style or can control, or someone who has been painting for 6 years with the exact same letter?
  9. DSD jus sent me nude flicks of Riku. her stretch marks look like her fills.... thats where she gets that fresh style kid
  10. that gasm jigl throw combo makes me want to punch children in their mouths. hard as fuck.------------------------------------dsd.
  11. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahahhahaha oh my man pulled out the herpes card. god i love this thread sometimes.
  12. baaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha AMEN brother. :lol: :lol:
  13. hahahaha i went to high school with that girl!
  14. saw this on 7 mile and thought it was a clever JLaw, but the arab guy said that it means North. i dunno. im white.
  15. bump REMIX. all motherfuckin day.
  17. Yo METH, NOT mince.... get at me.
  18. $hmitty... lol everyone named Shmitty is a dick, this is such a fitting name for going over ppl.
  19. and thennnnn..... Bump Mince for fuckin hard ass throwies in dope spots. and bump mince handstyles for being everywhere.
  20. lets actually get some flicks on this page... some of these have prolly been posted before but some of them are so dope we all need to look at them again. Wish i had a flick where this wasnt dissed, but at least it got flicked before it got buffed not long after This last one was stolen from flicker but its one of my favorite lushs.
  21. ...except mine was HILARIOUS!:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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