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  1. BUMP those winged tits. Bump BTUF
  2. that AGENT throwie on the last page goes hard as fuck
  3. u dont gotta worry about tom going over you unless your a 16 yr old kid from grosse pointe. he likes to flex the muscle front row for every GP toy battle.
  4. iphone doesnt take the best of flicks. sorry.
  5. Sloer


    yoooooooooooo, the nigga chet lemon aka melo, that nigga ceno from the big d, and the homie gilbert grape aka ayem. detroit! jueoner.
  6. i dont condone violence or the misuse of firearms, im jus sayin i know quite a few cats that go out strapped every time they go out, and some ppl are unpredictable and shouldnt even be allowed to own firearms, so when u start harpin on said cats.. well i dont wanna be involved in any of that bullshit.
  7. and bump sarcasm for (re)posting all the sweet flicks... i ALMOST forgot what those 7 MSK flicks looked like.
  8. Bump NAKED. yall really shouldnt talk so much shit on here cuz yall can hide behind a computer but that computer aint gonna save you when there a .38 special shoved in yo mouth. BELIEVE THAT! if you think for a second half these cats on here getting bad mouthed dont carry heat, then you need to open your eyes and realize your in Detroit motherfucker. I promise those guns aint TOYS
  9. You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to YearzOne again....
  10. shits called the writers forum... i dont see dick riders forum anywhere on here....
  11. damn, 37 ppl viewing this thread right now... bump; CENO KOSHER ELMER STORI PAID
  12. so does knowing what an arrogant fucking prick with a dog ass ugly wife make you one too?
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