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  1. that toy story shit was about as pointless as posting this: BUMP ASHANTA for high aspirations, and above all, keeping it real.
  2. i saw a TWIGS at the firehouse the other day. shit is reallll clean.
  3. i got videos of billy ray cyrus' daughter doing my laundry in front of some seks straight letters too. if ya want em.
  4. Lil wayne skateboarding infront of some detroit graffiti. lol
  5. that agent is CLEAN as fuck...
  6. bump paid and agent and that kuntface kosher----------dsd/
  7. SUWS has progressed alot, bump that suws ayem melo
  8. SOOO much whiney fucking bitching going on these last few pages. i havent been on in a minute and im glad i wasnt. if your not painting or at least have active spots then shut the fuck up. your obviously too old and feeble to be hittin streets so dont mouth off bc you CANT back it up. get off your fat lazy ass put DOWN the camera and PICK UP a can of paint. i dont give a shit if your usin paper label or montana.... go paint. isnt that what all this is about? Seems like we should just change the thread name to MSK FAN CLUB.... yall get your membership card yet? fuck outta here... BUMP the Radiologist for the truth of all time.
  9. found this flick online.... the one in the magazine looks waay crispier....
  10. Bump Porab handstyles in the new issue of Car and Driver.
  11. jesus!! bump reverend and NUGZILLA! cleanest rollers in the city, if im not mistaken.
  12. Before you get you bikini briefs in a bunch, I didn't write that artfag shit, it was DSD on my computer. Thats why there's a DSD after it. Pretty fucking medicore reading skills on your end player. Don't call me sweetie or honey unless your the one sucking my dick every night either. I got nothing against "art fags" as long as they respect the game. I'm friends with and write with a number of said art fags. They teach me shit that I wouldn't have otherwised learned unless I read a fuckin book or taken years to figure out. I got nothing but love for every writer out there that makes this shit their life. Respectful or not.
  13. Bump a Jasp handstyle in fuckin Birmingham.... what??
  14. fucking art fags. it's still just all opinion. the cats that started this before we were seeds pushed it, and generations after them pushed it. and coming from a background where I am still very close with cats that not only helped laid the foundation, but pushed styles in this city still appreciate grimy ass throws, hands, and rollers. so it's nice you don't like that shit, that's on you. but at the same time, this ain't fucking art class. if you ain't in them streets, your opinion means dick. nothing. keep flicking. I'll make sure my crew keeps making this city ugly as fuck, and go over whoever goes over us. dsd...
  15. bump these boys! good to see paid smashing shit in the Detroit "D" again!
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