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  1. Bump them flicks Glen. That BRZM is pretty.
  2. hahahahahahahaha GASMS "G" saved the world yo. Gasms G just got hired by homeland security and dog the bounty hunter. praise be G-lah. its a fucking simple straight G dude. nothing special whatsoever.
  3. CHyea daWg ur TAGZ is the purest unCut snOW whItte CRAP mAneEe. Fuk out ere Wit dAt fkIN GarBage. U shoUld juSyt qUit pAIntN kId. wordisBOND. Jues abitchnigga wif No Kan KonTrol. PEACE IM OUT
  4. you forgot ... best red tops in the game: Sloe best chili: tom1 best smile: Rant best hair: tie between Rod Stewart and Hafas best rollers: reverend best grammer for a black man: Rehab most original style: Melo
  5. madddd props kelly seein that old shit is what got me into this in the first place not msk and fancy colors or 72 color streetside burners and a big detroit bump for chrome and black. nothing else matters
  6. bump Senor Straightletter Reft... fuck. bump that esco throw too. kids got some steez and bump RED for those throwback flicks. makes ya feel all sentimental n shit.
  7. cuz a bitchniggas a snitch. nigga.
  8. ^ OR perhaps he dont want bitchniggas knowing who he is....
  9. ^^ what with this new trend of 'shoppin photos to make them look all shitty like that??
  10. buncha new shit in the RP yard today...
  11. You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to ghostnugz again
  12. how much u wanna bet this white boys block is NOT hot...
  13. bump yogurt and eater. smashin shit out proper all over the damn city.
  14. that Repht is harder than hard
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