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  1. HHoly shit, my city's sign is on there! http://hackedirl.com/2010/04/21/culture-jamming-graffiti-windsor/ xD truth be told, we are the unemployment capital. xD It usually says "Automotive Capital of Canada"
  2. ^ I feel that. Although I don't think everything will go digital. People just like to have a paper in their hands. Just like books. They can go digital, but most people prefer the physical thing. Myself included.
  3. Is it.. supposed top be backwards? O.o
  4. If graffiti gives you any of the preceeding things, contact your doctor immediatly. I dunno, I've never had the problem. My girlfriend is an artist as well, so it's just sort of something that comes natural.
  5. A true metal leged. RIP DIO.
  6. That's actually like a perfect simple. You've got dedication to do simples. You're gonna go somewhere. I don't. So I won't. xD (I really should get on it..)
  7. ^ I want to see that really bad now. If you find that, post it PLEASE. xD
  8. Sounds good, I'll get in on this.
  9. Just quickly doodled this one tonight, figured I'd post it.
  10. SadeNTA

    Fucking fools

    THIS. Going in my siggy. Right now. EDIT I had to. I just had to.
  11. That wall their testing on? Has a nice metal strip along the side and a metal electrical box. Grab the marker. =D But yeah, I don't think this will catch on. Something tells me it'll be a little too expensive. Also, what if you wanted to paint your building? I think the fact that it keeps out paint will not only sop writers from altering the surface, but property owners as well. I doubt they would want to make it so they can't re-paint their building.
  12. Depends where you are. US, sure. Up here in Canada (where guns other then hunting guns are strictly illegal with or without permit) that shit will give you life problems. O.O
  13. Warning: The following contains high contents of toy. You have been warned. Severe cases of loss of hope for graffiti and a hatred of toys are commonly experienced side affects. SadeNTA does not take these effects responsible and we advise you to consult your eye doctor before viewing the following SHIIIT Anyways, all joking aside, here's some random recent crap. COMMENTS/CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM? <3
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