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  1. thats wat i call a fuckin artist..
  2. personal philosophy i live by: do wat ever u want as long as it doesnt offend or hurt ne1...in terms of drug use...i dont really think its bad things like LSD Shrooms n Bud i think are good for certain people...beer is good for anyone and everyone...my philosophy is we may live once we may goto heaven we maybe reincarnated..life's a game enjoy the ride..dont stress over work if u dont gotta n enjoy the weekend like theres no2moro...:p
  3. wow graffiti really is pretty much everywhere sick
  4. Sick_Boy


    this guuy holds it doooown
  5. reyes revok norm rime...fuckin amazin this page so far is pure fire
  6. i dont even care i rock the new cap system for the colors its worth it
  7. sauce lions kuma this page was good so far...alot of good work
  8. damn portland is sick i love this thread everytime i chek it
  9. fuck i so badly want a model train
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