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  1. dont post flicks of my crib b
  2. is it possible to get the back piece off of the long Marks a lot markers?
  3. New fib is better than the original fib. fuck what anyone says
  4. You cats probably dont even know about this kind of shit.
  5. im pretty sure he just put water in the fire extinguisher causing the wood to get darker...
  6. Vapid

    Spray Paint

    Its alright i havent used much of it but i think its pretty good
  7. Vapid

    Spray Paint

    when did you realize you were gay?
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fl6Mf4yTm7A
  9. Props to propane. Even though he only posted shit from his crew and himself its better than seeing a bunch of queers arguing and complaining.
  10. pencils and dr. suess books in kindergarden. Then later on i started stealing high times magazines from barnes & noble prismas and decos from michaels and other markers. Ive never been caught stealing though because im usually super cautious
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