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  1. they didnt use to be. but little kids like to blow up landmarks that are historical to the graff community.
  2. my boy Modem wrote this article. thought some of you guys would be interested in checkin it out. its about what the tacoma washington graffiti scene used to be like as aposed to how it is now. its through the eyes of somone who expirienced it first hand. check it out here:tacoma washington graffiti scene
  3. yeah... that was my plan. I cant believe I dont got a contract with montana yet. damn... you try to contribute something to a forum and all you get is a buncha fools clownin on you. oh well... I guess it is the internet... :rolleyes:
  4. just thought of another dope one. TITS crew! thats be dope as fuck.
  6. nope. but I did paint that one! wish I coulda spent more time on it. and the n and the e came out a little wack, but oh well.
  7. I didnt wanna get the images and reupload them to tinypic and all that so if you wanna see the full tutorial with flicks and all that click here: http://aerosolicons.com/forum_topic.php?forum_id=8&topic_id=9 I decided to make this thread for all the toys that are gonna ask, "how do I get better?". Note: This is just a jump off point. Its gonna take a long time to get a full understanding of this and perfect it but if you stay persistent and are truly dedicated you will get good. Basically, you get what you put in. This tutorial is to give you a good foundation and learn about letter structure and line structure. Its not the funnest thing ever but if you ever wanna get good and become a respectable writer then you have to learn it. Line Structure- You need to understand what line structure is before you can start trying to learn letter structure. There are four basic lines that are used in pretty much any capital letter. Ive drawn these lines below. Just about every letter can be made from these lines. A good place to start would be just to practice these lines by drawing them in block form. Letter Structure- Once youve gotten your lines down pretty well you wanna start putting them together to shape letters. Ive drawn some examples. An "R" is comprised of a straight up and down back line, a hump and a diagonal line. An "A" is comprised of two diagonal lines joined at the top and one flat line to make the cross bar. So now, what you want to do is practice letters by drawing them line by line. Don't try to draw the whole thing all at once and have lines cross eachother like I did in the examples. Thats what an eraser is for. Keep doing this again and again and again. By doing this you'll be learning how letters work. After doing this a ton of times you'll start understanding how to make letters look like theyre supposed to and where each line is supposed to connect to the other. Now I want you to start putting different letters together to start getting a feel of how to make letters match and to get a sense of how letters flow together. Basic Point Perspective 3D- The best way to do this is to draw a dot somewhere on your paper. Basically any place will do. I've drawn an example shown below: See how I drew lines from every point on the "T" to the dot on my paper? Odds are you wont want your 3d going all the way to your dot, so what you do is make a line that is parallel to the line of the letter. Form there you make your next parallel line and everything will start coming together. Whats next?- (Your not gonna get to this point in a few hours. Not even a few days. So BE PATIENT.) After youve practiced all of this and have gotten it all down pretty well you will want to start moving on to stretching and bending your letters while still keeping your letter structure in mind. Then from there you want to start adding extensions and other add ons. I might make a tutorial for this depending on how people like this tutorial. That being said, I hope this has helped and feel free to leave me some comments or questions.
  8. since this is the toy thread I thought you guys might appreciate this. its a letter structure and line structure tutorial I made. http://aerosolicons.com/forum_topic.php?forum_id=8&topic_id=9
  9. theres no way I could ever stop painting... unless I was paralyzed or something... there may be times when I paint less or draw less... but I always got this itch. and if it goes unscratched for long enough I go crazy.
  10. thats dope. this reminds me of diar. I mean... hes not completely paralyzed. I think its from like the shoulders down or something. but hes still rockin dope canvases with his mouth!!!!!! haha I actually got somethin about it on http://aerosolicons.com/home.php
  11. I saw this thread and I was thinkin the same thing. MSK AWR! I wouldnt mind seein an ICR video either. alot of the ICR cats are down with MSK too.
  12. Im really feelin that tree getalilhigh. heres one of my characters.
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