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  1. No one has figured out who he is so don't worry.
  2. You would like to think that, huh? Too bad. I'm not and I don't have to prove anything to you. Like I would post my pic on here where my ex fucking looks, right, that is brilliant!! Have you ever heard of doing things anonymously? Of course you have. I thought that was rule #1 with you guys...and that rule applies to me as well. THINK PEOPLE THINK!!! It's really not that hard!
  3. Oh my God, welcome to the padded room! You and schizophrenia both need a check up from the neck up. qabe, you are such a foolish little boy. If you hadn't been so quick to make a fool of yourself you would have read that my hair is DYED red. schizo, what about my forehead? Someone should smack yours.
  4. Your brilliance is truly enlightening....NOT! You are an idiot with nothing important to say so don't post, okay? Thanks...next...
  5. OMG, I knew you guys had some sweetness deep down!:love4: Thank you Evangelion>Ogre, Iron_Lung, mauro149, tonysoprano, and iloveboxcars for your awesome posts and everyone else who wasn't being an asshole! klip, yours was straight up funny, I have to admit!:p Iron_Lung, no it wasn't just because of graffiti. It could have been anything. What the problem was being stood up, period. I just didn't appreciate being promised something and then not following through. He should have known that he wouldn't show up, therefore, don't say you will. It's as simple as that. I don't think you can blam
  6. I think it's funny how some of you just look for people to put down while you cower behind that screen. Did someone punk you in high school so you come on here and vent your animosity? Give me a fucking break with your negativity. Didn't your mom tell you that if you didn't have anything good to say then shut the fuck up? You know you don't want to be heard and so you have to talk, talk, talk while saying nothing at all. Just wasted space posted on a thread. The question is, what is so intense about graffiti that makes someone choose it over any and everything else? That is friends, family or
  7. You wanted to go there, so here it is: I am 5' 7" Long curly hair that I color a wild red, 36DD, size 6, tan, straight white teeth, perfect complexion, funny personality, considerate and patient, not a golddigger, and I am the hottest girl at our college (by popular opinion)...so there, it's not me asshole.
  8. That is the most perfect explanation, I truly understand it now. Thanks for posting. We can end this thread since you were kind enough to explain it like a true man and not an inconsiderate asshole. What bothered me the most was he would promise to meet me at a certain time and then wouldn't follow through. Now I know why. So, it's okay and I am going to take this as the answer to my question. Thank you.
  9. Seriously guys, I want some honest advice and not some smart assed comments. :hatred: I just broke off a relationship with a guy who reads and posts on 12oz. Our relationship was pretty awesome except he would choose graffiti over me on many occasions. I know this is common and I just wondered if I could get a for-real reason why. Thanks to you who respectfully answer my inquiry! Peace :confused2:
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