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  1. laid up laid off ? gonna order a pizza & feel like a fat shit
  2. I heard KET is working on a graffiti tattoo book... I predict more pages in this thread.
  3. pa-dum-pah. hate it when you wanna accelerate from the stoplight real fast but your clutch is pretty much gone & all you do is make alot of noise & move slightly faster than everyone else, lookin like a total asshole.
  4. masturbate all day, drink pepsi & watch south park. simultaneously
  5. I hate it when I wake up with no hang over at all, just to take a nap & wake up with a huge head ache
  6. false, but I should go back... I hate my yob tpbm feels incredible
  7. yeah something like that dick shoulder. runs in the family
  8. EXTERMINATE ALL THE BROADS POSTED ABOUT 20 pages backwards. #StillWinBig pussies
  9. reasons why to NOT get a memorial tattoo for multiple people?--------------> (family)
  10. like never. Need new brake pads, discs, thrust arms, winter tires, rims. fuckin name it. & this "alcoholism" ain't helpin neither /end rant tpbm is set financially
  11. I don't fuck with fast food, except mexican food if that counts tpbm hates to love twitter
  12. random ass steak at this steak joint, shit tasted like something I coulda made. 20 bucks for nothing. Getting drunk.
  13. corny shit: New brakes, discs & all. A gang of old cars a massage with happy ending. (200 bucks at the spot, but I want the high class & no std's)
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