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Everything posted by G_BE

  1. Drinking a coors light before bed.
  2. Addicts = Homos (every once in a while when they have no money)
  3. Just know that your dope addicted kid will end up doing some homo shit to obtain dope. Then you would have a dope addicted fag for a kid.
  4. Taking a break from training today.
  5. Re: COMPLIMENT THE PERSON ABOVE YOU - no homo You're the nicest person from Hawaii.
  6. I think they are 5 dollars a run which isn't bad. My uncle is helping me train a lot and has been very motivating. He ran the marathon last year and is looking for a better time this year.
  7. Where I live they have a series of 5 or 6 runs to help train for the marathon. The first is 5 miles and the last is 18 I think. I'm debating signing up for them or just sticking to my own routine.
  8. Z-RO - So Much (chopped and screwed)
  9. Yeah It's just to say I did it and to accomplish something I guess.
  10. I signed up for a marathon in December. Anyone got any advice? Shoes? Ways of training that worked for you? Any advice would be nice. Holler
  11. Is Phil Jackson going to retire, or return to LA? Predictions anyone?
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