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  1. Laying in bed watching Family Guy.
  2. Try less caffeine during the day.
  3. Broken Social Scene - Backyards
  4. To start small you could always try less fast food and sweets. You would actually be surprised at how much of a difference that makes aside from working out.
  5. G_BE

    Dear Mama...

    Good thread. Props
  6. Happy belated birthday. Birthday props were given.
  7. Watching ESPN and listening to J Dilla.
  8. Looks like you could use a boat.
  9. G_BE

    IPad 3G

    I heard the ipad had all kinds of issues. Fixed?
  10. Re: Great Pictures~ Desktop Background
  11. Cavs are too hungry to let Boston take them down.
  12. You remember things from when you were a year old?
  13. I was hoping the Thunder would upset the Lakers tonight.
  14. G_BE


    WEAK!!! That is all.
  15. p.s this is a great investment.
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