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  1. I borrowed p90x from a friend and tried it for a day but the guy irritated the shit out of me so i just stuck to my normal routine of running, crunches, pull up's, and push up's.
  2. I cant imagine feeling good after spending 10g's on a lawyer.
  3. I don't know if a month is enough time.
  4. I read something about Miami being interested in Lebron joining Wade.
  5. surfed a few for you today. always missing you homie.
  6. watson, it had funny parts but was kind of predictable
  7. G_BE


    hmm i dont even know what to say about all of this
  8. when i was younger i drank everyday. now days not so much im more of a weed smoker.
  9. i thought last years redbull new years eve stunt was crazier. just sayin
  10. G_BE

    Santa Barbara

    i heard campus is still fun. you should have brought a board and suit holmes.
  11. G_BE

    Santa Barbara

    then go surf campus if theres waves
  12. G_BE

    Santa Barbara

    rage isla vista
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