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they call me fumbles

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  1. they call me fumbles


    only weed i smoke
  2. they call me fumbles

    Movie Recommendation Thread

    i watched get rich or die trying. i havent seen that movie in years. till now. it was boring but it was eh. idk if you a 50 cent fan go on ahead.
  3. they call me fumbles

    The NFL Network

    Did they pass that overtime rule. About having to score a touchdown only no shitty field goals killing the game anymore. I like the sounds of that rule. Oh i hear Hayneworth is finally training. or is this only a rumor.
  4. they call me fumbles

    The NFL Network

    With pre-season around the corner. Rookies getting huge contracts. Players in new places new faces. A new hall of fame class. Welcoming football back.
  5. they call me fumbles


    man this thread is fucking up yo. a bunch of manly whores. i feel disgusted
  6. they call me fumbles

    Brett Favre

    bears got tommie harris. i hope he steps it up. and anderson better do something too.
  7. they call me fumbles

    Brett Favre

    yea everyone is gunning favre. like tell that nigga to stop confusing us.all them viking fans are filled with hope. favre is coming back. he just lazy and doesnt want to go to training camp. then he can get injured. like the broncos they lost their number one man on defense just to train. so much for losing dumervil broncos suck. point blank period.
  8. they call me fumbles

    before you die...

    join the Illuminati.
  9. they call me fumbles

    Brett Favre

    We got Harris back. haha. i think the secondary is better than the vikings one. but i mean the bears doing it right now. Julius Peppers and we got Urlacher back in the line up.:D
  10. they call me fumbles


    im saying its a bunch of out of town named niggas too. Not chicago.:confused:
  11. they call me fumbles

    Brett Favre

    idk. im going to go with lebron leaving cleveland. now that had to hurt. im taking my talents to south beach so i can have long walks on the beach and suck wades dick after every game. oh and bosh can suck mine. what a FAGGG. go Farvraaah!
  12. they call me fumbles

    Mosquito Disappreciation Thread

    hell yeah mosquitoes are fucking stupid. they just fucking bug us. i personally hate all bugs. they just bug. have no purpose to the world nor do they help humanity kill all bugs. especially mosquitoes
  13. they call me fumbles

    OFFICIAL NBA 2009-2010 THREAD....................

    Celtics don't need lil boosie bad (eddiehouse) they got rajon rondo. and SHAQ!
  14. they call me fumbles

    Brett Favre

    much respect to favre he was on the cover of one of my favorite madden's
  15. they call me fumbles

    Brett Favre