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  1. ...interesting! Schleck & Stecker from Jena, Germany Podcast of their label Freude am tanzen here!
  2. Oh, and nice links, ecaps... ...techno and swimming pools, jesus christ, it's going to be winter for another 3 months at least here in berlin, fuuuuuuuu....
  3. Digging that Röyksopp tune! While we're at it- There's quite a good movie from Germany called Berlin Calling featuring Paul Kalkbrenner. Youtube trailer .
  4. Yay, nice stuff. It rocks. Can't imagine listening to these pitched voices and FX in general a whole night though...
  5. did you use the forum search? if no, why not? there's the UK HipHop / Grime / Dubstep thread here.
  6. Tiefschwarz from Stuttgart, Germany. ...there's a nice mix from november 2010 on mpiii.com...
  7. Well I do still have an old tape from the eighties called 'Horror Noises' or something. Basically a lot of screaming! : ) *
  8. ...deeper down the rabbit hole - more Cio D'or ! Panorama 33 extended on official.fm No need to be scared, just coast along.
  9. Giorgio Gigli from ?, Italy mnml ssgs mx31 on official.fm Enjoy..
  10. Walter Ercolino from Stuttgart, Germany. Process Part 199c on soundcloud.com You could say it's something calm.
  11. Cio D'or from Cologne, Germany. Elastique 22 Promo Mix on soundcloud.com This one needs time to build up, but will deliver, promise. Only finding quite shitty videos at the moment.. : (
  12. Kollektiv Turmstrasse from Hamburg, Germany. Live Set Promo 2 on soundcloud.com It's over a year old actually, but a really good mix none the less! and here is a rather nice video clip of the first song in the mix on youtube. enjoy! MODERAT (Modeselector & Apparat) from Berlin, Germany. A New Error on soundcloud.com You will really want to turn the volume up, believe me. There's nice HD footage of them performing the song live in Montreal . *
  13. Deine Mudder


    haha, that ritte painting is hilarious!
  14. +1 some nice songs on fairtilizer: http://fairtilizer.com/tracks?artist=Sharon+Jones+%26+The+Dap-Kings
  15. Deine Mudder


    "women generally loose all sexual inhibitions for the rider when they see it".
  16. Deine Mudder


    i think you could as well buy a nice looking bike with that money.
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