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  1. Victory Ale, Golden Monkey... best beer I've ever had
  2. What is that pyramid game called in the middle of the table... I used to have one of those 15 years ago, fuck
  3. PrizOneR

    Dear ________,

    Dear James Cagney, I have black widows and brown widows living on my porch, easily squished with one finger. No need for gernades or flamethrowers. -priz :skull:
  4. http://www.xvideos.com/video448698/aww_nigga_
  5. happens to me, the only way to wake up for me is to wiggle my toes... it's fucking strange
  6. flaming hot fries kettle salt and vinegar Dr Thunder chicken rice and beans magic cookie bars and never forget taco bell
  7. then one day i took a chance tried to fart and shit my pants
  8. how's that risky? you're on a roof with a roller painting over the side.... not that risky
  9. thursday- world of drums... gonna get fubar, then the hotel friday- ultra music festival... gonna get fubar, then the hotel saturady- ultra music festival... gonna get fubar, then the hotel sunday- sleep...
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