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Everything posted by varivaldi

  1. Post more grainers if you get a chance.....I like them nice Route Rock hopper
  2. I fee like I'm going to be arrested for looking thru this thread. Interesting though. Thx for sharing and caring.
  3. I like that Premium Decor peach....still looking for one around my parts...
  4. I rarely name writers when giving props to/in a thread but that THEORY is amazing.
  5. Fab 5 Freddy came first so who really gives a rat's ass. That "S" also looks like Seen "S's" that have been done before. And on and on the argument can go.
  6. @ Bigmack - yeah, when they had Rusto: Harbor, Royal Blue and Army Grn they were only 2 a piece....now it's 3 a can....stupid poo poo heads raisin prices
  7. Yeah Amber and some Rusto satin red I can't recall name of went discount too. Now a closeout spot is carrying Rusto: Glacier Blue, Pistachio and AA: Light Sage and PT: Light Sage, Colonial Red and Espresso.... $3.00 a can but what canyado
  8. Night tide went on discount at the big box stores this summer.
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