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Everything posted by varivaldi

  1. Fuller with the graphics again....nice stuff
  2. I was thinking of making the QD green into a deco marker holder but I figured I'd put it out for others to grab before I change it up...tho if there's lead in it I may pass on my idea altogether. Wish they had paper labels so I could just save them....alas they aren't.
  3. Finally, I'm ready to part with these. All have contents. ANyone wants them, just let me know within a week. If not I'm emptying the paint and recycling the cans. Just pay shipping and toss me a dollar for the effort.
  4. Picked up at a yard sale last weekend....
  5. Picked up at flea market today...full Anyone needs/wants it just get in touch.
  6. slyle - Get in touch with Frank Costanza. He kept a lot of those and he may have some issue doubles to trade. Hahaha. Sorry, I'm an idiot.
  7. you had some day...thx for sharing
  8. Everything is collected by someone...thus ebay. And there you have it. The secret is out.
  9. that Aest Sigh csx has been a fav of mine for a few yrs....fading a lot tho
  10. Those Armory cans have fun graphics....
  11. It's kinda booty....wasn't really invested in it....†hough it was fun. Not entirely stoked on it so I think I'll file it away for now. Maybe I'll share it on the side tho....
  12. Not so much a clean up as a clean out. Had to get rid of some 1%ers (cans with barely anything in them) so I did a scrap can wall with my friend. Managed to get rid of 55 cans. Another round of recycling.....more to follow.
  13. @ Bigmack - The whisper whites are nice. Frost was my personal favorite followed by Cameo white. They're still around if you want/need any. $2.00 a can + shipping.
  14. Sorry, I have to pull Juca's card here. Get him a shipping price and he or his girl will tell you it's too much. Do him a favor and it's thankless. Sorry, but he has blown me off 3 times already. Not worth wasting your time emailing. Nuff said.
  15. Nice gift for Mother Nature this past Sunday....
  16. Is this an empty can spot clean-up..? If so I'm stoked.
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