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Everything posted by varivaldi

  1. Here's the weekends pick ups. Flea market and physical auction. All are available. PM me if interested. Enjoy.
  2. That excess height can is just sneaking in under the ceiling. Like that Mr. Spray avocado. Looks like a nice trip.
  3. Recent pick-up this weekend. They were all in a box lot (a box lot is a portion of a physical auction where those selling off their stuff thru an auction house will fill boxes from their homes with miscellaneous stuff and we, the bidders, buy them after searching thru them. They usually go for $1.00 to $10.00 a box) This set of cans was all in a box lot. Now they are mine...mooo hahah. Actually they are up for grabs. Contact me if interested....in the cans.
  4. Yeah, just be sure to take empties out with you from spots. I know some think its rad to toss them into the wheels but it takes more of a badass to take out empty cans from a spot than it does to bring them into a spot.
  5. Yeah of course. Everyone meets at the Police Station during shift change. Didn't anyone facebook you about it..?
  6. Holw crap....Clint Eastwood gets up..? SICK!!!
  7. On the shelf. Didn't pick any up. Went for the closeout safety purples. Just sharing some color names for the Premium Decor fans.
  8. JoAnn fabric apparently needs to re-work their website to reflect current inventory. See for yourself, they still have this image on their page. I swear it, what you don't believe me.!? Whatever, I'm tellin my mom on you.....
  9. varivaldi


    Port of Galveston Rock Green Mtn
  10. Thems Spruce labels are nice to look at with my eyes.
  11. World of color labels and that Grape Burgandy
  12. Isn't it called a latrine in your world..? Or wait, is there only one toilet.? Anyway, let's keep it cool in here. No need to come in all gung ho and snooty.
  13. I don't follow sports but this caught my eye last week while flipping thru the channels..
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