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  1. My grandmother's brother was part of the team at Alcoa Aluminum that came up with the pull tab beer can.(no joke) So you basically owe me a lot of money..(joke) Below is a set of empty cans I found in an old train car scrapping yard. It was in a garbage bag, not closed tight, at the end of an old early 20th century passenger car. I just tapped the bag with my foot and these fell out. They were in surprisingly good condition. It was the first time I ever actually sold true garbage. From then on, everything was possible. Got $12.00 for them. Lose your pride and dumpster dive....tru
  2. that tab can would probably flip on ebay....I sold an empty one a few yrs back to Hungary...yep, I said Hungary.
  3. Wow it's been a while since this was going on....guess I have to make my tin foil grill again for you
  4. those NESCAFE cars are dope. It will be interesting when Euro freights start getting buffed...will they re-paint or re-tarp them?
  5. Just a heads up. I just posted another U PICK 6 cans auction on ebay. NYBCO's. Enjoy. http://cgi.ebay.com/6-vintage-spray-paint-krylon-rustoleum-NYBCO-U-Pick-6-/200601770053?pt=Paint_Paint_Supplies&hash=item2eb4cc1845#ht_748wt_1141
  6. Here's the chart that I have Jib. Boulevard is a great color to use. Powder is nice. Haven't tried the English Rose but I have one I'll get to. And now the pics.
  7. The JoAnn Lilac is dope in my opinion. Very much dope indeed.
  8. @ Bigmack - you're welcome. Can't beat that price for rustos. If you come up on Mr. Spray charts or info let me know cuz I like them too. @ Jib - They are nice Top Coats. And yes I was sittingbut stood up and said, "Day'um". ;) For everyone - I think I posted a Premium Decor chart a bunch of pages back.
  9. Wow that was fast. OK, so the auction link above will not work now cuz I sold the U Pick 6 pack Part 1. I'm going to re-list with an updated photo if I don't have the colors that were pictured previously. If I do, the pic will be the same and the deal will be the same. You pick your 6 cans. Thanks.
  10. Some cans up.... You pick the 6 cans you want from 29 cans pictured. Democracy at its finest. Enjoy. http://cgi.ebay.com/6-vintage-spray-paint-krylon-rustoleum-NYBCO-U-Pick-6-/200600562151?pt=Paint_Paint_Supplies&hash=item2eb4b9a9e7#ht_748wt_1141
  11. Nice man, that'd be awesome. Especially if you're cleaning up your own mess.. ;) The scrap facility fortunately is on my daily benching drive so it works out nicely and doesn't cost me any gas I otherwise wouldn't be using. I do recommend not leaving bulk/prepped cans, spray or soda/beer outside as scrappers will tend to come around and take your stuff the night before garbage pick-up day. I had my collection of aluminum, not much fortunately, taken the other day cuz I forgot to bag it. Ultimately I think some enterprising young lad decided to help himself to them. No worries tho a
  12. Round 2 of my trip to the scrap yard. 93 pounds of tin (the spray paint cans and pints/gallons of wall paint and 2 rail spike barrels which were rusted thru the bottom and just a couple tuna and soup cans tossed in for good measure) at 6 cents a pound totaled $5.50. Yeah, i drilled them all again and managed to not engulf myself in another fireball thankfully. Again, it's not about the money, it's the idea of doing something good for the earth. Anyone else looking to do this, let me know. We can have a "contest" to see who can recycle the most. I'm a loser. But I know it. Enjoy.
  13. Oh, I meant on the Minneapolis.. color name. But I do want to see dig pics too but I enjoy delayed gratification so I can hold out....
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