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Everything posted by varivaldi

  1. I remember growing up and people still calling those #2 pencils we all had to use for our SAT's etc "lead pencils" when in fact they were graphite.
  2. And finally I picked up this here metal (chemistry) sign at a different auction house. I done brang it home an' there's I seen a frikkin' Plasti-cote logo on the left front panel there. Ay Ma!..get off the dang roof...!
  3. I scored a bunch of old metal (music) mags at an estate sale recently. Beastie Boys article about Check Your Head being released. Anyway, check the shirt.
  4. Box lot cans from a live auction again. All full but for the Avocado which is about half. Same auction house as the other Rustos I've gotten from there in the last month. I wish they'd bring the rest already from whoever has them stashed in their hoarder house. All available for sale. Enjoy.
  5. crazy set of odds in there....where all the tops gooooooooo
  6. it's actually "effect" not "affect".....
  7. that Ann Arbor car is tight
  8. Estate sale. Full. Available if anyone's interested. Enjoy.
  9. Wow, Sear's comin up with some good color names....
  10. Awesome...nice change of scenery in here.
  11. Tuscan sunset definitely rules.... True Blue satin indeed....they had that flavor finish in later cans too. Ill post.
  12. Forgot these yesterday....also available
  13. Here's a bunch of cans I was given this week thru efforts. The Rusto Regal Red is full and I picked it up through a box lot at an auction. A few of the Hot paint cans are full as well. The rest are either used or speak for themselves. All are available. Just PM me and we can work it out. Enjoy.
  14. owl on the ground....daytime too...wow
  15. The cowboy's can looks like its excess height....
  16. Today's random find. Out looking for cans at an indoor flea market which turned out to be a major bust. But low and behold right behind that spot was an abandoned bldg. Being super curious and an urban explorer for most of my life I couldn't pass up the chance to go inside. Thankfully the door was wide open. Long story short, within 20 seconds I found all of these which made my stay inside very short so as to not get in trouble with Johnny blue shirt. Nothing major, but a few more cans saved from certain doom. All available to anyone who's interested. You know the drill. Enjoy.
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