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  1. dj screw - ooh wee man http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98vD5R8HVKU


  3. i've really just been shooting instax lately, haven't gotten any 35mm developed in a few weeks...
  4. DSD, what's a good budget for a few days to a week for a trip to detroit? trying to do the rap sprays and get new photos of all the shit going on or lack thereof out there.
  5. schnitzel, thanks for that tutorial. made it SUPER easy. now to download indesign and get to playing around with it. pm sent.
  6. love that pigeon and umbrella shot above.
  7. ah, gotcha. well in that case i'd just recommend trying to shoot from the hip as much as possible and just be discreet with your shots. in my case whenever people notice me looking through my viewfinder and actually composing a shot they tend to either get pissed i'm taking their picture or then pose which totally ruins the look that i'm going for. one of the things i love about my yashica t4 is that it is a super scope so you can look down at it and get an idea of the framing. other than that i'd just recommend getting familiar with your lens if you're shooting with primes, once you have an idea of the distance and focusing its pretty easy to guesstimate your angle of approach to get the composition you want.
  8. i'm curious to learn more about how to self publish zines, i get the concept but i'm having a learning curve on figuring out layouts and the actual printing/binding process. cool to hear you got a copy, and yeah i agree it was a bit trendy but i ended up getting a feature last minute and then a couple free copies which was nice, the dudes at nighted life hooked it up on a placement for me seeing as i have no idea how work from dallas, tx would otherwise make it into an australian zine. shoot me a pm about yours man i'd be interested in grabbing copies of whatever you've got out, always like to support folks on 12oz.
  9. ended up with it for $350 off craigslist, more than i'd like to spend on a polaroid but it's got good resale value at least. as for tips on landscape and cityscape photos i'd always try to shoot at sunset or a few minutes afterward or alternatively at dawn. those are going to give you the best light options. i've had good luck doing hdr stuff at those times but long exposure will give you a similar effect, just depends on what exactly you're going for. as for getting the human effect in there i feel like you'd have to do that at street level not so much from a wide landscape point of view...but maybe others have some better ideas.
  10. trying to learn more about studio lighting over the summer, i really want to learn more about using strobes and continuous lighting in outdoor and portrait settings. by trade i do architectural photography mostly shot using HDR and ambient light. for fun i do portraits and documentary type stuff using 35mm and instant films, picked up some new polaroid gear recently and want to take it a bit more seriously with added lights. specifically, i picked up a polaroid 600SE (or the goose) with interchangeable lenses and it takes fuji fp pack film. pretty excited about starting to shoot with it. would love any tips or suggestions for research from anyone. take it easy ya'll, enjoy some recent shots:
  11. got some of my photos features in this zine last week... http://leftout.bigcartel.com/product/left-out-volume-2
  12. he was doing a quick show for a frat at TCU, i occasionally do work with the event planning company that hosted it for them.
  13. that fog and light reflection shot though.
  14. i tend to keep this one on repeat... z-ro - lonely
  15. it's probably bad that i've already heard all of these multiple times. dj screw forever ya'll. i have the whole discography on one of my external hdd's i can probably make a torrent of if the old one isn't still up, same with the suc dvd. slim k is known to do pretty well on the newer mixes... -- dom kennedy - so elastic -- dom kennedy - gold alpinas -- dj screw aaliyah - if your girl only knew http://youtu.be/lJU2YQVrYNU -- dj screw anita ward - ring my bell
  16. newish stuff from my page... http://www.theandymc.com
  17. the XA series is great, i've got an XA3 and love it.
  18. seeing if this works this time...
  19. little collage I had been working on, still in progress. https://www.dropbox.com/s/sl4gqnc8oxfy15m/Photo%20Jan%2015%2C%2012%2047%2059%20PM.jpg can't get the embed tag to work on my phone for some reason...
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