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  1. bump that yellow n read yah boy up top dude always comes fresh!
  2. one that isn't a arrogant meanieface ad won't hurt my feelings.
  3. Finishing oils in paint mixes to make em glossier and dry a bit harder, anyone got a preferred one to add? linseed oil is aight, just made a mix with tung oil whatchu fags know 'bout safflower n perilla oil? oil this, oil that. drips, drops, and i almost asked a dude for a blowjob once.
  4. this post is hella back in the thread but the sizes are different now a 14 back then is waaaaaaay different than a 14 now. cut that bumber in half and youre closer to what shed be now just sayin also skinny chicks are cute sometimes but never hot. skinny chicks also always have looser vags ive noticed and are boring in bed. just my experience.
  5. That North Face with the matching duffle bag is hot hot hot.
  6. Yuki Nagato

    Spray Paint

    Just gotta get it for a discounted price, if you know what I mean. ;) If you gotta pay, I wouldn't say it's worth it.
  7. Yuki Nagato

    Spray Paint

    this paint is the bees knees, if you know how to work that fan tip then you're golden ;)
  8. yup, my favourite part of the involves handcuffs, but i think it might be a little too feisty to post on 12oz (you can read it at literotica.com tho)
  9. Yuki Nagato


    copped these the other week, timberland chukkas
  10. tagbangers are my favourite, i love em i got jumped by some ugly native twice my size with his 'homies' because i guess on the inside they're hypersensitive queer boys who take shit too seriously. on the plus side that black eye, and cut on my face made cute girls think im baddass.:cool:
  11. Honey wheat? whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? My two favourite things combined into one!
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