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  1. Get the fuck over it... Contribute something or go the fuck back to sleep, you waste of life..
  2. http://www.cnn.com/2010/CRIME/08/01/arizona.prison.escapees/index.html?hpt=T1&iref=BN1 (CNN) -- One of three convicted killers who escaped from an Arizona prison was captured in Rifle, Colorado, authorities said Sunday. Arizona Department of Corrections spokesman Barrett Marson confirmed Daniel Renwick has been captured. He was serving 22 years for second-degree murder. Renwick is one of three convicted murderers who broke out of a Kingman, Arizona, prison Friday night, authorities said. The three were described as armed and dangerous and were thought to be out of s
  3. depends on style of said hat, to each his own. Some look like dog shit but atleast the quality and embroidery are always going to be on point and you dont have to guess on sizing like you would when buy 2 different sneaker companies. New Era's dominance in the market and their vast product line allows for such.
  4. Re: The gulf coast is fucked http://www.cnn.com/2010/US/06/12/florida.oil.container/index.html?hpt=T1 Oil container washes ashore in Florida President Obama addresses the nation live Tuesday night at 8 ET with the latest on the BP oil disaster. Stay with CNN for updates on the cleanup and effort to stop the leak. (CNN) -- A portion of beach in Panama City, Florida, was closed Saturday after a large oil container with BP markings washed ashore, local authorities said. It was not immediately clear if the container, which was leaking a small amount of oil, came from the
  5. Looks like the car has less tire contact area than my motorcycle!! Plus turning must suck ass in that car at speeds over 20mph... WTF??? :(
  6. the million dollar question is what image is carved on the back of the oar that has a black panther on the otherside... :D
  7. 'you have chosen, . . . WISELY.
  8. Bro, it's not as bad as you think, i get weekend, 2nd, & 3rd shift pay differentials and i sit on the computer all day. Plus i stopped andswering the phone one day so i could convince the boss that I needed a cordless phone. Now I can walk around the department whenever I feel like it and not get in trouble. Also there's the added benefit of no 1st shift during the week office politics & there isn't a boss on during the weekend. Cool thing, I just taught myself all about maintaining a saltwater aquarium. Look at this bad asses!! Lionfish Clownfish Clown
  9. Whoa, Whoa, Whoa!!!!! You sayin this has to do with 'Global Warming'??
  10. dont know if it's thread worthy but, why do holidays and a rising climate temperature ring out in violence every year. Well i guess, you can correlate the heat and violence against others as a spring/summer/late fall effect, cuz winter time holidays bring more suicides. just worked a 24hour shift, slept for 4hours and back at work for another 8. rant if you dont like the post i dont care. Happy Easter, on a lighter note, BITCHES :p
  11. anyone remember their green sauce?? and when the fuck did they discontinue serving it. I stopped in there like 4 monthes ago and asked for it and the chick at the register looked at my like i had two heads, needless to say green sauce was way before her time...
  12. i dont know shit about Buenos Aires but my chick is from Uruguay and all i gotta say is def check out Montevideo and Punta del Este. Montevideo is your city and Punta del Este is your beach resort. Punta del Este is about 80 miles, i think, east of Montevideo. Since you are there i highly recommend the trip to Punta del Este and Montevideo.
  13. if he 'created' it's definetly not 'pro'...
  14. There was NOTHING in the bathroom, nothing.. I thought about the shower curtain but decided against due smelling shit while I shower or occupy the bathroom. Side note, ran 2 the closet & there was no TP in the closet, had to march 3 clicks to the nexty post for supplies.
  15. Ya it just happened, no TP, no tissues, NOTHING!! Okay about to do the duck waddle down the hall for more TP, wish me no shitty cheek smears... Is this time of the year bad for most people & bathrooms.. abcesses, peeing thru the toilet seat/toilet, peeing on their legs whilst shitting? Fuck!!!!
  16. Anna Banana Split, the only dog i have ever had. Pugs have been approved in this thread for your purchase at any local retail store, so stop by and pick one up today!!
  17. Re: Shit you Hate Appreciation thread.......................... ^THIS
  18. Re: Shit you Hate Appreciation thread.......................... ^THIS
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