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  1. why are you bringing up a point that i already agreed to? isn't that a waste of time or umad? the packaging is still misleading whether or not if you agree with me or not. Arnold Schwarzenegger, already ran this "keep people healthy" program back in the day. The Obama Administration isn't a beam of shining light on healthy american living. it's already been done. you are the one crying for regulation, i dont want it. go buy your regulated shit from somewhere else. oh wait you can cuz you regulated yourself into a monopoly. doesn't make sense to me to do that, why do u feel thats the
  2. i posted this morning when i had to be at work at 7am, sue me for being groggy and 1/2 asleep. sorry i forgot the internet is such serious business, duely noted. bills at times are used as precursors to be used as a stepping stone and the greater picture. A chess set has pawns for a reason. no shit it's complex, i said that. i said it was marketing that convienently left out that it behaves like a simple sugar once the bond is broken. if you were diabetic, you might be singing a different tone after you go into diabetic shock, when all you did was place your trust into the hands of a
  3. i get yuour point and i dont think they are going to be kicking down doors asking about your tomatoe patches but why allow it to be signed into legislation? if thats the case why do we need all this hype over legalizing marijuana? just grow and smoke if something written on paper is nothing to care about.right?
  4. thanks for the update, i'm still running on Windows 95, go figure... but thank you for your levelheaded thinking on reminding me of my blatant mistake. the bill will setup for another bill, in the future, to regulate anything and everything grown on US soil. it's not that far fetched. Maltodexrin, is broken down into a simple carbohydrate, via gastric acid, once it reaches your stomach due to the breakdown of the hydrogen bond that convienently is used to label it as a complex carbohydrate. So you are going to trust a governing body to regulate your food when they are allowing compan
  5. what are fats? what are sugars? what is a carbohydrate? what is a protien? please teach me, seriously take the time and educate me because i dont know whati am talking about. wait, read a book? i have and i paid my dues by getting my degree in health sciences.. sorry i'm not gonna xerox a copy and post it, so save it. small question since, i'm clueless to what goes into my body... why is maltodextrin a complex carbohydrate? i dont care how old you want to live and you are right, its irrevelant to the topic at hand. the regulation of your neighboors garden is not the business of the
  6. You're gonna tell me that cuz someone slaps a label on something saying that there isn't any fat in it, which there isn't, you are gonna then argue that they are dishonest cuz the sugar content is just as high as soda? you gotta be fucking retarded! when the label says fat free and no sugar the talk about it, until then stop being led around by the nose and become a conscience consumer. unbelievable that i even had to comment on that shit... :rolleyes:
  7. Smacky636


    i dont know binary, explain.
  8. actually dude you propped me, see you body couldn't let you do it :)
  9. Google? What's that? I was going for a work of mouth not a google search to get a humans honest opinion. Going to anoyster joint for appetizers then either sushi or steakhouse....
  10. ^^^^ propped Already thought of that but I was lookin for recommendations..
  11. ^^^^ propped Already thought of that but I was lookin for recommendations..
  12. CHECK - already got that off my "to do list"... Someone gimme a fine ass restaurant to waste corporates money.. the small shit I can do on my own
  13. Aaaaa..... did I mention my womans company is paying for everything except alcohol and such.. WHAT WOULD YOU DO?????
  14. Who, what, where, when, why, how? In Hartford, CT til Wednesday, maybe Thursday with the woman. Womans job is paying for food and etc, ideas how 2 blow a company's money?? FYI I need reciepts... so a rubbered-up 3some isn't gonna work unless cats know hookers that write reciepts... It's not hockey season and idont know any restaurants, the pizza I ate sucks....HHHEEEEEEELLLLLPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Paranoid: Low Schizoid: Moderate Schizotypal: Low Antisocial: High Borderline: Low Histrionic: Moderate Narcissistic: High Avoidant: Low Dependent: Low Obsessive-Compulsive: Low
  16. How do you rack up 30ish tickets and not come up with some sort of solution to not get anymore tickets?????
  17. Depends on how goofy you look, the 0ontz has to help you out with shit you can't change.
  18. mad easily? nope. It's just Shenanigans! the internet has ways of losing sarcasm in translation, i was just having this conversation with someone else the other day. go figure. Scotch would fix the hangover really quick. Funny thing is that my ex's Russian uncle swears by vodka (no pun intended) because it is made with the least amount of additives, hence a cleaner smoother hanover period.
  19. bored and at work fucking sue me... it beats more than half the mindless bullshit going back and forth between people here. listen if it's that bad tell a mod to delete it... fuck i'm hungover ...:huh:
  20. are you calling me Rod Farva? You know i have a car that can fly right??
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