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  1. i finished work before i could finish - now you sound french, fapitalism.
  2. boy oh boy, i tell ya, sonshine, if only you knew - the knee, the hip, the back. hell, the arthritis has even reached my god damn pinky toe. tpbm weighs more than 250lbs on a good day.
  3. do you like pants on sale? because tonight mine are 100% off. that's how i won over dear old grandma, youngn's. use it wisely. sorry for my absence.
  4. mourning. gramps' gramps died yesterday. RIP gramps
  5. this is the 3rd lot ive had free cause i keep my source under wraps ;)
  6. dalos are not available in shops, only online shouldn't say where you got them from either - now the world and his dog are gonna try that shop and you wont be able to get one next time!
  7. theyre extremely hard to buff. youll need a chisel to get the paint off cuz it dries 3d. i got 15 in the post for free ;)
  8. do i use any other, mr inaponder?
  9. statistically 7 out of 8 enjoy gang rape
  10. i dont own a shop but they are pretty tight when giving out samples. i just have the gift of the gab, what can i say. youll learn it with time grasshoppers - take it from old gramps here.
  11. just a heads up they gave me a ring when asking for samples for a lot of my companies information etc.
  12. Theyre the original steel tip, young one! thickest stickiest industrial strength paint ive used. Youll need a chisel to get it off. Nom nom nom
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