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  1. lagged on this one, this is all i got. sorry unfinished dirty and clean bodega complimentary literal movie title (red hot chilli peppers) symmetrical
  2. THAT ANEMAL! good shit, I love those creepy lonely abandoned, on the low spots.
  3. anyone know a way of putting watermarks on a group of pictures at once?
  4. okok, i member you. whats up man? you still in the bay?
  5. Re: If black people were mexicans... so according to allthewrongwords, this shit is happening in the souf. definitely not seen any of these clowns out here in the bay. where do i get some of them boots though? ima be hurting them at out here.
  6. last week i heard this place had some free shit going on. ive heard about that place but had never gone so i headed out there to meet one of my buddies i hadnt seen in a while. my boy dropped a dollar in the donation jar for me and i got this. free food deliciousness chilledt bling bling got ready to go got to class and got supllies ready to process film talked bout cameras while film dried a nigga lightweight failed the end. bonus pic, Mexican 7 eleven.
  7. Re: If black people were mexicans... on the real though, i got one of those pics on my phone a while ago and brushed it off as a photoshop. but DAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
  8. Re: If black people were mexicans... mexicans skii too nigga. only in alligator skiis. youmad?
  9. SEAL PEOPLE! pretty awesome, I want to do that.
  10. watched it years ago and forgot the name. Thanks to Bustanut for finding it for me. Goldie and David Bowie star in this gritty crime thriller. The film opens with Ray (Andrew Goth) and Terry (Goldie) getting released from jail. The two are cousins, long-time friends, and fellow gang members. Ray wants to go straight, have a family and a real job. Terry wants to get back in the business and does so with a life of crime. He makes a killing selling drugs to school kids, enlarges his already sizeable arsenal, and intimidates all who encroach on his turf, especially a mysterious
  11. Good shit Boris, I think I'm gonna try those bacon wrapepd peppers.
  12. back in 8th grade I kicked the shit out of this girl. I though I was a player and she found out(she was my girl for like 2 days). She walked up to me, slapped me in front of everyone. She walked away thinking she was the shit. I kicked her on her ass hella hard. She almost touched the ground with the back of her head. There was word going out about here gangster cousins and them going to get retaliation. Iwalked to school pretty nervous for the next few days but nothing happened. cool story bro.
  13. I love how you hear someone laugh in the background after sara silverman gets clowned,
  14. naw, niggas would be moving out the way faster than a dike flees a dick
  15. ima say you would make it to the center alive.
  16. and i like the pale tiny one with the black shoes.
  17. thanks, now i know a little more about hipsters
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