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  1. In the song it said : "To those that kidnappap and rob. start changing your profession or I will cut your heads off" . I'm just going to believe that that guy was a kidnapper. Kthnksbye
  2. I work at an elementary so I have to wear some kind of green to keep them punk ass kids off of me.
  3. This is where my telephoto lens kicks in. If I remember.
  4. the summer time is coming , and with it, WATERMELONSSSSSSSSSSS
  5. your boy went to tahoe for the weekend. here's a few pics. got to zephy cove and met up with my boy who used to live in oakland. hit the bar my boy hooked us up with a cabin hit a casino up real quick had to do it. i had to my old ass board but does the job my boy is a captain out there too so he put us on the yacht The Tahoe Queen. when i got to the ticket office and asked for my boarding pass to get on the dude there straight hated. I told him my name and he said there were no tickets there for me. I told him my boy was a captain there and had left me 4 t
  6. me: don't tell anyone about this hahah her: what? you think i want to tell people i had 3 minutes with you? me: shit, they dont call me Rush for nothing. hahahaha
  7. You want his unborn babies? his cum? no homo?
  8. is he the same guy who asked a reporter "do i have a huge frog coming out of my head?" once?
  9. Holla at Rushawn Wuan and them, bring gifts too.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqBxrYudpH8
  11. funny how they are writing dude his check for his last day of work at the end of the clip.
  12. fuck this movie. I just watched it again and it sucked balls.
  13. holy shit. LOL, I want to light one of those on fire.
  14. you know uve watched hella porn when someone makes a thread on a forum about a porn and sounds familiar.
  15. is that fucking bike rideable? looks like it could be theft detterent.
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