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  1. Interview with Gaks. appreciate, hate, do what ever it is you do. http://thrillside.com/2011/12/28/come-back-the-gaks-interview/
  2. a nigga like me got the sam ass snowboard season after season. WHAT?
  3. that mexican mafia leader doesnt have a mexican last name. good post
  4. This was father's day and instead of spending it with my old man I went to the A's vs. giants game hoping we swept their ass. My boy and Thumper's dad went and got some food at the West side club our view our food As ended up winning game 3 and with that they swept the Giants. we left later went to see this movie called Attack of the zombie luchadores" or something like that. some art was on display. got me a chunky ass taco de asada we then went to Ihop and my boy talked to the waitress about his tattoos got my chicken plate with my salad cause i want to eat healthy after cleaning out those plates I got me some dessert. Nutella Crepes , FAT BOY status.
  5. <-------needs to step his phone game up
  6. my friend told me about this shit on wednesday, he's pretty serious about it. i told em about extreme hammock
  7. that guy is hella proud of his wooden Countach. I would be too though.
  8. I'm upthere with this guy right about now.
  9. you were gonna write awesome quotes for the pics? but then you got high?
  10. Re: And she loves to show Mero off, of course/smile every time his name shows up in the So props to that Dominicano kid for real. funny dude.
  11. Re: all i wanna hear from a rapper is how broke crack down, and what he got as a proceed . ok ok sounds good
  12. A little something since I haven't been here in a while. last week it was nice and hot so I headed to La Costa with my boy We ordered Tostadas de ceviche de Camaron and got tall cans from the Liquor store dude came by selling movies. I bought this one My other patna came through so we got another Tostada and Tecate He pointed out Frida Khalo to my left. Girls hard at work. Later on I went to my friends party but got there hella late. Helped her clean up. Drank some beer in the living room.(My signature shot.) Then she cooked your boy some beans and eggs with cheese. The end.
  13. get all your friends to do some flash mob shit.
  14. oh niggas in here beefing. who's gonna stick a spear through a pig's ass and out its mouth, take pic and post here?
  15. good shit, looks like a place drug lords go to hide out and or party pics of the wimmins please
  16. move to L.A. and persue an actor career. or rob bank on u.s./ mexico border town. flee to mexico.
  17. when I was a kid in Mexico I remember eating "the apple" of the coconut. Its a part inside the coconut that develops deifferent and looks like the coconut has a tumor. DELICIOUSNESS
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