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  1. bathtub shitters knoe oner
  2. I have foot cancer, and i was filling the marker and a drop aspilled, if you looke 14th dot up, 9th to the left, you can see a black dot.
  3. Bombing some semi truck at the TG LEE milk factory, and some old lady come walking around the corner and said "drop that can child" so i looked up, told my boys, and we bolted! My first but not last chase. Hitting the side of a pizza place when the owner rolled up right as i got the outline done and the 3-d (not filled) done, so i started walking away with the same "boys", and right as we turned the corner we just ran, jumed a fence, layed low, then kept walking. Some car drove by the road we were on and reved his engine (muscle car) and honked forever, so we had to run again
  4. I like clean throw ups like JA and Cope not like http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a353/xwalkamongme138x/a.jpg
  5. That whole web site is hilarious Skateboard Skateboarders have evolved more into taggers, but may utilize skateboard lingo, groups, or names, e.g. "Team Dread". Bubble Gum The eternal proclamation of love, e.g. "Jim loves Laura" hah
  6. Grasp

    Dust tags

    dont hate on mud tags
  7. I live way far away from the city, but the area i live, is aving new buildings go up everyday, so i crush the construction sites, semis, and freight containers..
  8. Brookhaven isnt that long of a road, just drive down it on saturday...bound to see something
  9. * Orlando, Florida Graffiti Art Expo - ongoing Every third Saturday of the month in Orlando Florda FONOgRAF hiphop aesthetics, graffiti art expo Gallery 611, Brookhaven Ave. Dj battle, Graf battle caps, drywalls for your freshest are provided, bring your paint live hiphop, open mic, all writers welcome represent your crew, bring your creativity support local hip hop... for info cal Wes or Shagge at (407) 673 0873 or email twp91101@pegasus.cc.ucf.edu
  10. Grasp

    CES one

    Where the fuck is that pearl paint...
  11. Grasp

    kilz paint?

    No dumbass...they make more than white...i like the choice of colors and its thick too.
  12. Thats probably a better way to rack than to rock
  13. Craziest thing i've ever seen, i was bombing on an underpass, and we all noticed this guy looking at us, but we kept on painting. The dude was wearing bright orange jump suit. So were like, ok lets go, and later one, driving down the worst road in orlando about 3 miles away, we see the same dude, wearing an orange jump suit, standing in the road in the road with a half foot pole waving around at us. Mind you this was about 7 minutes afterward. The dude ran 3 miles in about 7 minutes...can you say crack cocaine? Later on he walked up to us, asking us why we do this, so we told him to get up, and he's like "what is getting up? like when you smoke crack?" and i was like nah
  14. Grasp


    Is it my eyes playing tricks on me, or is that DHG HUGE?!
  15. Grasp

    graff songs

    Task Force - Still Bombing, Graff Da Bus up Loop Troop - Long arm of the law, Ambush in the night Warlocks - Thrid Mission, Stay Warm, 3 Styles Mobb Deep - Survival of The Fittest Fort Minor - Spray paint and ink pens my list for bombing Anyone see the White Rapper show, 2nd eppisode i think, Both teams mentions Toys, bombers, and trains
  16. The 3m 77 cap is black with yellow tip right?
  17. Satin Krylon has the blue cap.
  18. Priceless There are something money cant buy, foreverything else, use mastercard.
  20. 17 cans, 4 rollers, 2 fire extingishers
  21. Using famous names continue this story... I woke up at 156 Oclock with a Boner. I put on my kicks with the Skuf marks. I headed out the door and was not able to Cope 2 what i saw...
  22. i swear to god this kid doesnt give a hell who he covers. Every peice in miami has an atomik over it haha!
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