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  1. Re: writers in action! must be insane if you aint ever had bbq pizza.
  2. dude's got really nice handwritting.
  3. You make me ashamed to be from 407. i thought i stopped seeing avie tags around town a while ago.
  4. fuck yeah that was it. thank you.
  5. This is going to be quite a stretch... but there was this movie i watched when i first started writing, 2006-2007, and it was some pretty unknown writers, doing a lot of freight pieces, one was on a pretty historic looking railcar, and the writer was elk? anyone remember this dvd?
  6. postin' that shit in every goddamn thread...
  7. Grasp

    Spray Paint

    only Jo-anns and Ace Hardware around me carry it. fucking sucks too, since they got great colors. paprika and cinnamon = fucking oral. and also, that stripping paint is for marking football fields and soccer fields. Holy shit people, the purpose of the paint is on the fucking can.
  8. man my crew is straight edge we stand for drug free livin' but really. Making orlando swell, FYC = fuck you, cops.
  9. Grasp


    tloks whip or orlando
  10. Re: Crazy Cope2 these dudes have to be graff writers... http://youtube.com/watch?v=et-y6rkVbFw check the last part
  11. were you talking to billy the kid?
  12. dude... dip a tampon in some paint.... FUCKING GREAT ASS MOP right there...
  13. What the fuck are up with those glasses...
  14. that fat cop aint seen his dick since clinton was in office
  15. some people rigged up a net, then knocked out the bear, and it fell into the net, it lived
  16. if you wrote it would be a great way to meet writers
  17. yeah that shit is the UN building in new york...not happening
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