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Everything posted by Grasp

  1. wow i thought kartoonkilla was so mega huge paint racking machine with piles of paint mad high... idk why
  2. His little brothers bed? hahaha
  3. You i called up the fuken box car and some homeless guy was like "hella" free +1 post count w00t
  4. Where the fuck do you get a bottle of paint?
  5. Ok look, inside the D, there is what looks likes a smaller D, and at the part that sticks out farthest, there is a but of shady fillin, which you can see in both pictures... and, all of the fill in stops right before the metal outline of the sign, except for the E
  6. Grasp


    Re: CANDY!!! AKA Lolipops?
  7. Ever see honey i shrunk the kids?
  8. Bust into his classroom, eat the paper, steal the fire extinguisher if there is one in the class room.
  9. and look...they got it!
  10. I thought this was gonna be about drawing penis' on a wall :[
  11. no reason just felt like making a color train i guess
  12. Just make sure to paint on a diffrent train than him...you dont want his shit making yours look bad
  13. my new order of montana on top of this i have about another 7 cans of montana plus 9 rusto AA's 4 homemade grey mops 125 fat caps 25 gold dots 25 pink dots (basicly free...all of it was not my money but the casinos!)
  14. you are correct, and his dad is a director
  15. wow you do what alotof people do
  16. Didnt someone IP scan madeulook.com and find out it was hosted on a police department server?
  17. Isn't montana a state in america?
  18. I could hit 5 stores in one day and get maybe half that!! Wow that guy is a ninja...
  19. If you talking about my shoe size, im size 14 But its india ink
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