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Everything posted by Grasp

  1. Re: Ouija YL 3A Transcend ouija boy off in dis hoe hahaha
  2. Drove through nashville last summer, Tier, mir, hasp all up like crazy, i think i saw elvis bustin a marker tag too
  3. The great wall of china is not in hawaii
  4. ahahaha i love memphis http://www.appleinsider.com/articles/07/08/30/third_apple_retail_store_burglarize_this_month.html
  5. i got a few throw ups runnin on the moon...buss out the telescope... since im posting this shit, anyone catch the teen choice awards lastnight? there was a FOX piece i think...it wouldnt zoom out enought to show it
  6. thats because revok plays Heidi Montag on that show...i mean i dont watch the hills
  7. At least you dont live in americas wang (florida)
  9. I was watching CNN after that bridge collapsed and saw mad paint...couldnt read it tho
  10. ANYONE SEE LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD??? Anyone peep the rack of Montana in Kevin "warlock" Smiths room? You gotta think why the fuck someone would put that in there...
  11. Looks like Killz paint.... Oh and some_skateboarder...go jack one of there trucks...
  12. Some fat black loc ass security gaurd yelled "drop that can child"...
  13. son of a buscit eating bull dog!
  14. Grasp


    hahaha listen to ODB http://missouri.ytmnd.com/ need sound
  15. That music video was bangin...
  16. I hope your being sarcastic because i think its not great either. But its really the only roller picture i have.
  17. I would not trust a ladder on that shit
  18. Sidekick, ipod, wallet, keys, clothes (somtimes)
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