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  1. WHAT UP GUYS Im gonna be down near Boynton Beach for the next few days. Anyone who is down for showing me around or passing a connect to me would be appreciated Im gonna need some smoke, a skatepark, and maybe a wall or panel! Shoot me a pm if youd be willing to help a player out. -NO TOYS !!!
  2. Fuck yeah, good thread. They are few and far between these days
  3. That last photo is a fucking banggerrrrr Bump that and bump DIAR - (( Hope dude doing alright, havent caught an update lately. ))
  4. ^^^^^ Right Not even that big of a deal. Kind of funny actually. The dog looks fine. Maybe if it got decapitated there would be a better reason to bitch/ WE WOULD HAVE A WAY BETTER THREAD
  5. Looks like a fun place to be! Accompanied by a J and a deuce! ^^^^^^^^^
  6. Bed.


    ender ender ender ender ender ender ender ender ender ender
  7. those silver blockboys off the trainline look smooth! Fun looking spot
  8. that ABELS joint is looking fucking nice!! Thats a good wall
  9. Chalk for a first outline ? > That would be lame as fuck ? >
  11. SLEEP PHAME ICH JURNE JAPAN TRE Alot of other good stuff too
  12. That HAPPYBIRTHDAY rollerr is lleegggiitttttt
  13. Dont post so much shitty graffiti But I hadnt even seen that OMENS before so good job on that!
  14. That The Rock boxcar is worth $$$$$$$$$$$$$$
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