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  1. Re: 12oz's current state makes me sad/pissed how the fuck did the lumberyard get on 12? a lot of my friends built and work at that spot.
  2. i live in missoula, left portland for this place. i got lucky and got hired at the first spot i gave a resume to, a brewery downtown. I see no such graff here unless im by the yard and bench the freights, apparently there is a legal wall within minutes walking distance from my house but i havent seen it yet maybe tomorrow... so far montana been good to me, beats the fuck outta portland man.
  3. Re: 12oz's current state makes me sad/pissed that was a lot of read since i last checked in... i wonder how many people got me on ignore? i admit i have been drunk may o times on here and stirred up shit and created many screen names some failed and got mega tamp'd and others i have been propped so hard i even got 10,000 nerd points with one post, i think it all depends how bunched pantys are at the moment. i created these alter egos to help liven shit up on here, i dont know where i was going with that i'm drunk again, carry on.
  4. if you in portland check out the star bar on se morrison. its the new hip spot and im pretty sure to reach level H, the highest on the hipster scale you gotta somehow do some form of "street art". not sure if any of them will know what a layup is but you may get lucky.
  5. Re: 12oz's current state makes me sad/pissed members from what i heard, i've had a couple problems with a few mods but i never took it personally.
  6. Re: 12oz's current state makes me sad/pissed Everyone who I personally know who used to come one here got sick of everyone being a bunch of assholes so they stopped coming. I personally felt the same, the only reason im on here now is cause Im broke as shit for two more weeks living in a new state and bored outta my mind. I do miss the photoshops, i'll continue to drop them off from time to time but you wont see much conversation from me anymore.
  7. Im no longer in portland but if you decide to head north from salt lake into montana, thats where i be.
  8. im pretty sure DAO was the original moonwalker
  9. The reason why I shoot only 35mm anymore is cause I sold my DSLR and when I buy my new camera its going to be a video cam, i dont want to shoot video on a dslr anymore. I have an old school 35mm and am not gonna buy a new photo cam, so that is why. Well I thought more people I got along with on here still came around... I guess not.
  10. ...since I really spent any time on here and luckily I can still log in, my clock isnt fixed yet, and the media bar still pisses me off but whatever we all gotta pay bills somehow. My late night, early day, or mid afternoon drunken debaucheries have long gone away although this could be one for all I know. I'm escaping the stupid hipsters I am ever so surrounded by and moving to the mountains of Montana on monday morning. I think it will be great working on film shit and hangin in the outdoors. Should be some fun times, I notice the oontz has slowed the fuck down and I can start a Montana photo thread if anyone interested... as a warning updates might come a bit slow being I only shoot with 35mm anymore. Im gonna leave this with my chuntaro horse shoe space air illustration
  11. '06 ...that asshole never tried to sell me stupid hats back then
  12. ^^I actually started to point that out in an edit... shit needs to be fluorescent and glowin.
  13. The grilled dog (aka chicago dog) I got while in Chicago looked nothing like that oscar meyer looking garbage as depicted in the pic.
  14. prolly old news to some, and not the best thing i've seen but a good job none the less
  15. Re: 300+ vids - 1 guy eats a bunch of shit on youtube channel - engine oil, pinecone, tamp King of the web bitches!
  16. Re: Beastie Boys' Adam Yauch Has Cancer, Tour And Album Postponed
  17. Re: Beastie Boys' Adam Yauch Has Cancer, Tour And Album Postponed thats funny cause i sure got a lot of negs for it, people are obviously caring a little to much about it
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