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  1. i disagree, im in my mid thirties and i know what i want in life. real estate in america only goes up in value especially in places where its somewhat or off the grid, if i decide i dont want to live there full time i go somewhere else its that fucking easy and i have a vacation home or i sell it and make profit$$$
  2. well where i live it rains more than six months out of the year and i will take snow anyday over rain
  3. i never thought i would be either till i realized the places i want to buy at are fucking cheap.
  4. i wont say where but it is in a small fucking town southern on the left of bc. its over 3/4'ers surrounded by water. its not total bfe cause there is a small twin engine airport and maybe 1000 people tops, the property is zoned for 5 lots so im sure plumbing is not far away i f i wanted it but i dont. its wild enough that bears roam the town, tons of salmon in the rivers right there and a giant glacier up the hill. good enough to hang on to and live for a while but the real goal is to live in the boonies in the klondike, im thinkin it will be good training...
  5. no there is a price tag but its a fucking score
  6. keepitrail you are more than welcome to come hang out and help/teach me how to kill shit proper ** by the way, i am so fucking stoked to be getting this land.
  7. where would it be? Me: so im currently in the process of purchasing some land and if you've known me the last 5-6 years you would know it would either be in Alaska or Montana. Well i found a chunk in an awesome part of alaska kind of canadaish but im cool with that i will soon buy some land in the klondike as well. Im down with the great white north, tryin to retire soon in a cabin killin bears and catching salmon and shit...
  8. so not only do i get punked on for tryin to help a runaway dog but now this thread is about homeowners and renters insurance?
  9. Bitch and rant about shitty pet owners thread
  10. Your pitbull is really scared running the cold streets right now, the rare chance it did come close enough to read its collar i saw there was no contact info... i saw it four hours ago runnin around as well and im pretty sure the car that ra n it over just killed it, i could have got it home but now your dog is probably dead cause you couldnt spend 3 dollars to put a phone number on its collar.... fuck you!
  11. I dont know a whole lot of coding so Im planning to start with a template or if I come across a site that has the set up im looking for I will I will build from that tweaking images, text.... I dont plan to do anything real fancy basically I want a bio page, contact page, and something like a news feed or blog where I can post videos from my vimeo and to post about current projects, finished projects, and pics. I want the site to be clean but not busy I'd rather have my work make more of an impression than get the viewer overwhelmed by the"coolness" of my site. Thats basically exactly what im looking for in my site. I have definitely checked out hostgator it was open in my browser for about a week, although Mercer's suggestion of bluehost looks pretty good as well. I will. Thanks, I may have to take you up on it one day. I dont plan to have the site up running for another couple months. So what it sounds like is Im going to have to do is build a blog on wordpress or what not then redirect it to the rest my sites domain host and use it as my front page then have buttons for contact, bio , etc.... Thanks for all the help everybody and suggestions are still welcome
  12. why is that thing happy? it just got a dao tattoo..
  13. i dont know how to photograph "a big fuck you" so i just typed it instead
  14. i voted for wolf, i dont know who wolf is but wolf t-shirts are awesome
  15. Im tryin to get a site up and I have no clue when it comes to hosting, i know of godaddy but i dont know if they good to go to, im sure there is a better place.. the site im working on will have a blog like or fb wall style main page for vids and random news or what not and a few other pages you can navigate to with text and pics. so its nothing huge like the oontz just small and basic. im sure a few of you have your own websites or have done one, if anyone can help me out with this it would be awesome...
  16. yeah i thought it was strange of her to say that
  17. i find it rather amusing /noperv
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