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  1. not worried about fitting in anywhere. i do what i do, just trying to plug in with some cats. troll all you want, the shit you guys are talking makes me laugh :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:
  2. you guys are cute. while you all were here posting retarded shit last night i was putting in work. those that gave legit answers, thanks. as for going to some hipster bar, thats out of the question. i'm too grimy for that shit haha.
  3. if i run into a bunch of 14 year olds i'll be heading to jail haha. i'm just looking for some legit cats to kick it with, maybe show me some good lay ups out in the forest. i aint no kid and won't put up with fools putting up that front.
  4. nah, i got witches brew. and grog. and some brutal home made shit. no krink though
  5. what up, just got up here, just south of portland. hit me up with a pm! will post some flicks once i have em.
  6. thanks casekslays, will scope that in a few
  7. what up so I just moved from new mexico up to oregon and am looking to plug in with some local heads. get at me if you're from the area. figured i'd drop some lines on the forums and see who i meet. stay up
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