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  1. Any one get the new All Nation yet? I got it early by e-mailing them, peep the cover!! Hot shit.....I think it is cheaper if you e-mail allnationmag@yahoo.com, they only charged my 5 bucks including shipping.
  2. hope this shit is working, 1st post, more to come
  3. gotta lu da ass! http://usera.imagecave.com/foolsbtalkin/dark.jpg yank some root while I bring some more funk, more to come
  4. fuck yea! man damet cant be stopped, jade blend sofles all got aussie killed
  5. nice fonts, name is kinda jerky though
  6. fuckin sick, I have only seen the bart stations killed once before 1998 JORO and MOSK fill in funk letters on the bilboards across from the platform! Any one have that flick?? Props HARSH
  7. FEAR Melissa! Melissa's tits. Melissa's hand near hear muff etc. etc. etc.
  8. hahaha!!!! woooo weeee thats fuckin dope, I gotta shake your hand fool..this deffinatly goes down as a 12oz classic!
  9. mmmmm..engine engine engine mmm engine engine, ah mmm random political stickermmmm, graff! ok here we go mmmm what! AREK, Ohhh CHIP! oh shit GENES aint playin!! Daammnnn KIRO to!? This shit is hella tight, nice post player!... ( yea thats pretty much how it went for me )
  10. Oh was there graff on there?? it is just me and those asain chicks
  11. I got a homie that fucked mad myspace hoes out in cali, mad emo bitches
  12. Fuck yea, Damit kills shit, all DTS runs Australia I was gonna piss down someones throat if they werent on this thread. -get it in ya cunts!
  13. FEAR CHIP DEAS CENSE GONER nice fuckin post ya fuck
  14. shit, fools aint playin! good catches you LAOS
  15. ghouls is the only one thats showin up,.....but its slammin
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