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  1. or at your work since its right there too :lol:
  2. HEY bgn79 dont go getn beat the fuck up in that riverside train yard jajajajaj. besides that nobody be fooled this guy is a joke. capping OG dope shit. we know you and you dont even know it. well catch you "hoofin" it to the yard soon you fuckin TWEAKER
  3. EPMDfan you needs to hit a borther up dog.
  4. does anyone know anything about charlotte n.c? if so message me please i have a few questions id like to ask .
  5. oh wow lets get creidt for dissing by posting cool guys... now is the part where some one post the reatard olympics picture
  6. Re: nigga your a faggot your lame pores aint even from seattle chek your manuscript of beef before you talk...you are the weakest link goodbye
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