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  1. or at your work since its right there too :lol:
  2. HEY bgn79 dont go getn beat the fuck up in that riverside train yard jajajajaj. besides that nobody be fooled this guy is a joke. capping OG dope shit. we know you and you dont even know it. well catch you "hoofin" it to the yard soon you fuckin TWEAKER
  3. im pretty sure these guys are like famous or something...is that true?
  4. yeah those little kids who dissed my throw ups are stupid and will eventualy have a day of reckoning or how ever its spelled... if they want to discuss their actions further with me, i am JOME NSF RTD KD the guy you dissed so pm and ill let you know how much paint im requesting. on another note from another boat post more bonk and post more shaken and coma nore ero apes.. i like those shits
  5. hahaha that could be the best thing ive seen all day.. but what does those tags say?
  6. so far getting drunk in towsen telling bitches to smoke dust, going to dance parties with hot bitches downtown then trying to find dust. getting free drinks from hot bartenders at almost redneck bars.. and eating in little italy and maybe even doing some street graffito if your into that homosexual sport.
  7. anyone know something better then photobucket?
  8. there is a picture fuck off we win!
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