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  1. All Nation Magazine is the rawest shit out playboy!
  2. hell yea smoke is killin, down for it all tho..
  3. you hawaii kids painting in the bay, or just posting on a bay thread? Dope shit either way
  4. well fuck what can I say im worn out, talk about work ethic this fool be posted up to post shit, hope you ate a meal or somethin.....nice work
  5. what the hell are those spheres up there, and why is there a T cut out of it
  6. nice shit, dope king and siner.....yea fuck fotango
  7. spade was trippin that day fo sho
  8. Im poppin them pills playboy, dont need much drank............
  9. Yall some pussy's give me over a hundred easy. One fuckin punch, they OUT period, plus kids are scared, no way in fuck they organize themselves and all take you out. The attention span on these little pukes is so short they dont stand a chance. While im out killin their freinds half of them would be playing tag, picking buggers, argueing about pokemon, talking shit(which pisses you off causing you to annilate them), holding their crotch and wonderin how long till the bathroom and a host of other stupid kid shit. Face it you win all day long. and remember kids punches dont hurt, punches from 200 plus pound non emo pussy men fucking oblivorate children....... Oh and that kid up there in the green tank top gets it first, then the psycho on the left
  10. I take it you borrowed one of their foto books...... Dope shit, feelin those first ones fo sho
  11. Kids are pussys, you can bet I'd be roundhousin fools in the neck, droppin some bows on em, plus im wearing the standard issue cup so fuck there little kicks to the nuts.You know I would rock a spiderman t-shirt to fuck em up with a complex for the rest of their lives, scared of cartoons n shit. Gimme between 134 to 147 little rats, after I puond that batch into grease,eat a pizza to refule, im sure I could tackle 100 more
  12. fuck that toy who went over my main mutherfucker bulk. what was that for? bulk aint beefin with nobody
  13. Who ever was asking, these were benched in a secret location in Idaho. Cant blow it up tho so the state is all you get........
  14. Well fuck me, gonna have to make a list METAL RULE YETI GENES gondola ERUPS SIGH CROOKS YROH CRAE ERUPTO YUKON KERMS TOKEN FATSO WYSE the whole post is crankin my wank...
  15. Oh yea im done so talk your shit
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