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  1. *if you turn off the light, it will pop out at you much, much better. it is very light sensative. <3
  2. awsome.. you think you are kind of strange, but i just might be stranger. :naughty:
  3. i guess you take from it, what you are looking for in it. Quoted post How about letters. I'm not too sure why you even posted that, it's not even a sketch. Not hating, just saying y'know. Quoted post [/b] i get that. i can throw a letter in 5 seconds, for example: in creating the one like the one i had posted before this, to me, it is almost like taking a sketch and putting on 3D goggles, or like one of those pop-out books you had when you were little, it makes it come to life. after it is done, holding it up to your eyes is almost like looking through a kaleidoscope, (maybe i get alot more high than you =P) i guess you just have to look close enough. like every crack and corner, fold, the texture is what i am getting at. when you hold it at the right light, the glare/shine really jumps out at you. -don't get me wrong, this is not something i hold close to me, more like something to get lost in when i am high.
  4. i feel so sexxy, omg. i am so fucking beautiful. <3 heh. feeling that last flick.
  5. that sick eh? i will take that as a compliment. =)
  6. i guess you take from it, what you are looking for in it.
  7. <3 the one with red i am actually embarrased of now, seems i was so high i deceived myself into liking it, hah. i have been getting into texture lately, using some weird kind of girly paint markers i took from a friends girl.
  8. Sunday, December 25, 2005 - 7:41 AM. .
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