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  1. got any pieces along with the railfan stuff??
  2. Word to GVSR bump rib's. Those are some of my favorite's to stain. Easy as a flat, with the picture points of painting a rib car. WEST COAST, LEFT SIDE OF THE MAP!!
  3. HOT DAMN!!! Nice shit, Liked the KERO&YUKON shared panel, the MAC & SILO shared panel, ASEND, the METAL how he made the T a demon. Many more stand outs, nice photo skills as always
  4. I need to know why you need to know. Then we can talk.
  5. Thats a touching, and I must say inspiring message you wrote above that sketch. Thanks for changing my life and giving me a new push to get up. How far will I go??
  6. OK..........Could we see some graff that is happening in Norway now?
  7. I'm guessing you have the exposure set at about +2. May wanna tone that down a bit for a few shots. That sight grainer was slammin
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