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  1. but heres the thing... I'm not gonna discuss what goes on in the area, I find that discussing graffiti on the internet just ends up giving a bunch of jealous toys a bunch of information that they dont even need to have... so enjoy the fliks and peace to the heads that do there thing...
  2. if some of these have been posted before then fuck it... more...
  3. joe schmo


  4. no need for praise when artistik posts... you know youre gonna get that funky funk ultra dope shit every time... thanks holmes... U.B. fo sho'...
  5. <!--QuoteBegin-GoldenTouch@Jan 28 2006, 11:03 AM Fly fishing is the fuckin' shit Quoted post you know I did mang... blazing the headdys, drinking some samuel smiths, bangin' some deathrap while tying flies thinking about those trophy browns that are running up the creeks right now... THE SPAWN IS ON IN THE BLUE RIDGE MOUNTAINS!!!
  6. here are some trout killing modes courtesy of the BxRxTxK
  7. trackside bruce el presidente gato ginger bloody hands painted nosehair GOOD TIMES!!!!
  8. they were paste ups...pretty sick
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