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  1. perhap

    Home Brew

    raw:have you used irish moss? i have some and heard it was good for clearing up the beer?
  2. perhap

    custom stuff

    whats a good direction to look in to have a custom camouflauge printed?anyone know any websites?
  3. perhap

    Home Brew

    i have this john bull brown ale mix for my first batch. how would i go about adding pistachio or simple flavor.
  4. perhap

    Home Brew

    i have all the equipment...save a 5 gallon pot to brew it in. but yea, im gonna do a simple like 3 week brown ale soon.
  5. perhap


    yea, i liked scribble mag. i remember something of his in it.
  6. i dont wanna rip those pages either
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