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  1. miss this guy a whole lot, he's a party boy.
  2. Re: The Jimmy Hoffa's end zone cemetery...superthread arez/ares wow, jc memmories, sweet.
  3. what happened to ASH crew, that was some mean asss stuff.
  4. come on , if anyone is getting the yuck-award on that wall it's got to be me.
  5. yeah I'm pretty sure there's three total that I know of in the NY NJ area that write or wrote PK. this guy is a new yorker been around since the late 80's I'm pretty sure. Then theres a guy from north jersey, and another from astoria queens, who goes pretty far back but I could be wrong. I'm sure if Enue is still on here he could shine some light. EDIT: just wanted to also agree that the guy who does the little PK tags is all over the fucking place. on another note, anyone know about ROM?
  6. Re: The Jimmy Hoffa's end zone cemetery...superthread the little pk tags are not by the older jersey PK.
  7. look at this level of mental retardation. this guy is gross....fucking bob goddamn hope ...
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