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  1. remorseles


    sure, skaters range from the age of 5 to 40, but the core demographic of a skateboarder is 13-16. thats why all the skate mags cater to that age group. which is also why, you dont see car ads in skate mags, and other mature non-endemic ads. but you see those type of ads in surf mags and snowboard mags, where their demographic is towards the late teens into the twenties and even older. for example, big brother and strength was a mature audience magazine, but both of those have folded. the older skater does not keep the industry going. it's the kids and their parents who put money into this industry. Quoted post [/b] Theres no point in trying to prove anything to you? you think your so right in the things you say anyways. kids and parents are NOT puting moneyinto an industry with graffiti. do you see parents ordering caps and markers for thier kids to go out and get up? no you dont. before you start talking about things you should make sure you know enough about it.
  2. remorseles


  3. I got three ill digital photographs you might like if your interested pm me.... or post an email adress
  4. remorseles


    I dont know wher you come from by saying the average age for skatebaording is 13 -16 you got that all wrong, the average age range is any where fromlike 5 20's and i say that because of where i live there are at least 4 parks in the area and all of which have kids from 5-20 on a daily basis. now adys kids start skating younger. I do agree with you though about the marketable shit for a younger generation. but if you take a real good look at the market he is hitting you got skate shops that feature graff stuff like mags paint caps markers all of that stuff in a skate shop and then you get artists like dalek that have shoes and trucks its catering to the writers and the people that skate. two makrets at once. Here isan interview that clears up Dalek and graffiti... My Webpage AVC: How old were you when you moved there? D: I was 24 or 25. I graduated high school in Japan in 1986, and we moved to Hawaii. Needless to say, when I lived in Hawaii I didn’t do much of anything except go to the beach every day. I worked in a shop and just sort of hung out for a couple of years. As far as graffiti is concerned, I got started doing graffiti pretty late in the game. Most kids started when they were 15 or 16, if not younger. I hadn’t really been exposed to it before, and when I was, it instantly appealed to me.
  5. remorseles


    I think alot of people concentrate more on the now instead of then. Were all so caught up in whats out on the markets now that we dont stop to remince on where individuals have come from. For example you see articles about DALEK and you see the here and now. I have an article on him and it mentions little to do with his past and more of where hes going and what hes doing. thats just waht i think. i know i have done that with a few artists.
  6. remorseles


    I agree with you and every one else its just my preconcieved notion was that he had origins going back to graff i didnt mean to call him a writer thats just how i catagroized him as an artist. i am not hating on him its just after having had a skateboard since i was 5 and now being 23 and then flipping through a magazine and seeing his work and then seeing the shoe he has kind of made me wonder what the fuck i have alot of work that should be out there but its not and made me jealous thats why i posted it like that. merely venting thats all i guess.
  7. remorseles


    So he's out there making money off his work and I am not... Here is the latest that i pulled out of transword skate today. [/img] I have been seeing alot of his work over the past year. He has managed to achive some good sucess but i am not sure what to make of it though. He went from graff artist to now he's got his work with various companies. Is it a good thing or a bad thing. I think i just maybe jealous or some shit.
  8. remorseles


    Ok so i just read a locked thread about home made stickers. I got a better idea tha home made stickers. Some of you who have been around for a bit and know anything about street art would know about this. Wheat pasting. Real simple to make and use. 1. Wheat flower 2. water(mix till its a thick enough consistancy and sticky like paste) 3. a simple peice of paper, drawing, card stock or what ever the hell you want to have permanently pasted to the surface of your choice. 4. take that peice and rub the wheat paste on the back coating the whole back and rub it onto your surface. paint rollers are good to smoothen it out and get an even rub on it. 5 alternative put the wheat paste on the surface then just put the peice on the onthe sruface and rub it on smoothly. Good luck with it, i have never seen this on the site and have been around for some time even though it says rookie, here is an alternative to makeing the paste. My Webpage
  9. remorseles

    custom stuff

    stencilreveloution is a great site...
  10. remorseles

    The Graffiti Artist

    He says it all...
  11. The explotation of this game and any such movie on a big screen version would be a huge impact on the culture of graff. Look at the people that have paved the way for graff. There are people out there now adays that are using graff for money and profits. every where you turn graff is completely immersed in our society. last week alone i went through about 7 magazines all of which had at least ONE graff based ad. Graff is one of the most mistunderstood forms of art present in our society. There will never be a complete understanding of it from the outsiders prospective. To many its business, to some its life, to others its a fucking joke, and to alot of people its a hurtful, vandalistic, expresionistic form of art. i am curious to see what kind of film could be made, i mean look at how many dvd's are out about graff now. But what most people dont know is they already exist. I think the movie will cause a terrible epidemic of graff wanna be's. Take the Fast & Furious for example. where i live so many assholes ran out souped up their cars went racing and got arrested or had their cars impounded, a few of which even killed a few people while attempting to be somebody. Mark my words the same thing will happen if that movie is created. Its going to take it to another level in which alot of people will suffer from...
  12. I have seen some people mention drugs, if you are into drinking alot smokin alot and other types of shit and you are predisposed to mental disorders heavy drug use and alcohol can casue the sympotms of mental disorders to appear. The brain is a very complex system that is hard to figure out. Pistaccio is right dont diagnois your self seek the help you think you need. Theres always someone to listen to you and maybe tahts all you need. Good luck...
  13. you know the phrase "you find one, you find them all." on myspace? ya, i think people should start rethinking what they post on there. EDIT: Dont use real names. Even if it's been posted elsewhere online, we dont want names used here. Quoted post Thats fucking gay, they only use that becasue they are to lazy to get off their ass's and do it themselves so they use their puters to find writers for them...
  14. What the fuck is this thread about???????????????????????
  15. Ok first i want to say its a sad and tough thig to go through, but its also no joke either. You should treat it with a little more severity than you are. its a life changing disorder that affects everyone in your family. i have seen just how hurtful it can be to others. a firend of mine's father suffers from it and its a terrible and sad dissord but when treated properlly life can be ok. BUT there are alternatives to taking meds, ask the threapist when you meet with them.
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