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  1. Hey I'm in the market for skateboards with art on them. Hit me up in a pm or post here.
  2. Good advice. Also when you start a new notebook don't trash the other one, keep it around no matter how messed up your handstyles are init. On days when you feel like you've stopped growing, just whip out your oldest notebook and look how much you've improved. That always boost my ego and helps me to continue practicing. I have such embarrassing shit that I hide those books like porn, but there is denying where you came from. It will be funny a few weeks/months from now where I'm embarrassed about the shit I do now.
  3. word to NJ and Philly. When I lived in NJ i was close to the train station, so getting to philly was no prob.
  4. I know what I'm getting for Christmas:rolleyes:..............
  5. Re: weird stuff you kind on the tracks One time I found a spiker....with the keys still in dat bitch. That shit is in my garage as I type this yo. Drove it straight off the tracks no lie. In all seriousness I just find the typical clothing garment thats all gross. I know for a fact toys paint in my yard cuz I flicked a freight one day, and the very next day I came back. The freight I snapped was painted over and the stupid toy who did it left his paint everywhere. Also found a bunch of glass jars with no lids stacked like 4 by 4, two stacks high. I remember I took them on the roof o
  6. Was out around 2AM doing nothing really, in fact my mom just kicked me out my house. I walk down this street and some purse is just laying in someones yard near the edge. I take a few steps by it, and then think "fuck it, she put it here so she must not have wanted it", I bend down to take it and the owner(I guess) on the other side of the street comes at me like "you fucking hoodlum Ill bust your fucking head open, dont touch my shit you stupid fucker." and a bunch of other crap, I just walked off like w/e. Another time while I was out tagging I ran into a friend who I told earlier I co
  7. I'm in Pittsburgh and to be honest the bitches here seem a little picky to me. Picky as in they DO give a fuck. We must be talking about two totally different bitches... na I'm joking. Pittsburgh is sound:lol:
  8. I think its awesome how you have to ask people on the internet if that could be a problem. But apparently since its OK to be a dumbass now I have a question too. I think my girlfriend is pregnant because of me. Will my life change? Like will I be poorer and have less time to do shit I want?:D Also that is bullshit about waiting to catch you in the act. They just have to get a judge to sign a search warrant and then their gonna turn your house upside down. Do they wait for a murderer to commit another murder before arresting him? No, they show a judge evidence and then they bust head
  9. so what if im a pussy? sorry i didnt know i should act hard on the internet and post some bullshit story about how i beat a bunch of baltimore kids up and took their shit. i hate fake people. your just tougher than me or you were beating up kids outside the mental ward:lol: im just saying from my experiance in baltimore, some of those people are real dangerous.
  10. Baltimore is in Maryland. Which is close to NJ, PA, Virginia(dunno the initials for it) and delaware. so ya thats about right dru. Dunnie boy> someone who acts friendly but really doesnt mean anything good by what they are saying, likely trying to take advantage of you if your out of the area. so im saying just be careful who you take directions from. parts of that city are fucked up.
  11. im in pittsburgh for awhile and i wanted to know if there are any shops that sell caps or montana paint. and how much? im off to new york city after that, then mississippi. so if you know any places with graffiti supplies there that would be cool too. i hate ordering online because its such a hassle with credit cards and shit and i try not to keep money in my bank account, because its so hard to get to with pushing all those shitty buttons.
  12. this is awesome, he doest know where baltimore is. lmao. i recomend you stay away from the dunnie boys when you go there, youll find out what i mean soon enough. :P
  13. please tell me you stole that shit. you are so fucking lucky
  14. i want my fucking backpack back you fucker. and the poptarts too if u didnt eat em:mad: btw this thread is gay
  15. lame, its been done before. Mine is supa original>OfnirOne dope yes yes i know. hold the applause:rolleyes:
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