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  1. my camera was fucking up so bad.
  2. i only mind side busting when the person is either fucking wack or its just a tag beside my piece or bomb. then I will go and start beefing.
  3. i hate people that are trying to use graffiti as a medium of making money, asides from product produced by legit writers. mark ecko is a fucking faggot, and that graffiti game is horse shit.
  4. Well its good that you didnt admit to anything Its in the best interest that you dont say anything untill you speak to a lawyer, besides your name and contact information. Am i the only one that would go back and fuck up the thing I just got caught for so i could continue writing the same name? In my city, when I first got caught, I didnt go fuck up all the stuff around my area when they stole my sketch book, and they TRIED to charge me for a whole wack of shit around my area... and it took them 2-3 days to go and get around to taking pictures, I could have avoided a court case had I went the day later and buffed some tags and bombs.
  5. i bring a boquet of roses so i can conseal my shotgun and cans of paint for when i need to reinact the terminator movie.
  6. I put them in a big thing of flowers so that my shot gun can fit in there as well like terminator.
  7. you dont know how good you have it untill you come to where I live.. we have about fifteen writers total maybe six of them get ups on a regular/semi regular basis. all the rest have either stopped, or only do legal productions whenever they are invited JUST because they are friends with people that do productions - the productions in our city look like horse shit. everyone knows eachother and only 4 people bomb now. I had to stop bombing at the pace I was bombing for over six months because of a bunch of court shit and im JUST getting back into it now. I'm moving to BC soon - i look forward to not knowing anyone there. I loved it when i didnt know anyone in the scene.
  8. I hope they dont find my dildo in my backpack. That would be rather embarassing.
  9. Ive had to hold farts in so much its like im dieing. One time i was taking a pee and let one go forgetting that the walls echo in the bathroom and where I was at the time (my gfs house while she was waiting in the hallway outside) - I shouldnt have felt that comfertable. Shit was loud.
  10. HI there!!! Im headin down to edmonton this weekend - is there a freewall in edmonton? Whats the address?
  11. yeah going as a couple is cool cause if someone rolls up you hold hands and walk away. being a girl, im a good cover up :) my last boyfriend by the way was incredibly toy, i mean toy beyond all, he fuckin sucked and dripped and letters were awful. i tried helping him clean shit up but it still sucked ass and i was embarassed. i mean it took him like 2 hours to paint one time and it wasnt even a freakin peice. now that we are broken up i hear he's actually getting into it and did a whole car. im pretty sure it still looked like crap though. Quoted post [/b] my girl has sat with me as I did a piece that took five hours. talk about boring thank god i look like vin diesel with a shirt off when i paint ;)
  12. BurgerKing

    Can I sue?

    Hey there, you probley dont remember me - I posted here a thread a couple months ago about how I was getting charged for around 20 counts of graffiti in my city and what to do... I ended up getting my charges dropped, but if I get caught again I get charged for all of them within a period of one year - I cant remember the exact term used for the technicalities of my charges. Anyways... A month after my case and a couple people in my crew as well as other writers in my city have either been caught or put on the suspect list. And probley about ten+ people have been questioned asking if they know me. One of my friends that got caught said the cops said "Do you know (first and last name) he writes "Something I dont even write" - he got his charges dropped and we are still trying to convict him" Ive given all of the legal advice I can muster to the individuals being questioned now my question is - is there anything I can do via legal action for making refrence to my name?
  13. this thread is SO funny omg. POST!
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