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Icy GrapeWI

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  1. posting because of IG contest, thought this would be the best thread to do so. 2's
  2. you speak truth i like puttin bling on
  3. i just got busted saturday night/sunday morning, i just got out of jail last night on a PR bond. i got to court today at 1pm. i just was with my guy who is 15. i confessed to everything they caught me for and the tag he did on this wall, i got 3 counts of "graffiti" aginst me and the only thing that still goes through my mind is "DAMN WHY DIDNT I FUCKIN RUN!!!!!"
  4. wow, about 3,300 post, good for you i see u pull alot of weight around here...get of the computer, pick up some cans and get some pussy. i may be new around here but i get up how bout u? :smile-mad: :clown2:
  5. practice sketching out your shit b4 u go bombin
  6. its funny how some of yall are gettin ur fellins hurt over a question. i was just tryin too find a new way to carryin cans, grocery bags a cool but the cans make lots of noise, bookbags are too shady at 3 in the morning. thanks for any positive feed back, all u other whiny, bitch ass niggz need to get of the computer, get in the streets and get out yo fellings.
  7. how do you carry ur cans when u go bombing? i need a new way off doing it cuzz the bookbag thing looks too shady at 3 in the morning. somebody told me that i should carry them in a double plastic grocery bag.
  8. if your not feelin this new common give up on hip hop
  9. "dookies"-Air Force Ones "O-C"- outta control or on crack "cake'in"- gettin girls or gettin money
  10. common-be jr writer-writers block 2
  11. http://www.pickyourshoes.com
  12. Icy GrapeWI

    Spray Paint

    yo ive been using quickcolor for a grip. it real cheap and its pritty thick. the darker colors are less likely to run, but i reall like that brand but i cann't fit them with ny caps at all :hatred: . montana is what i have mostly, im not rich im just 17 w/ a job.
  13. thanks fam City of God is one of my favorite movies. i bet the spinoff is tight too.
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