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  1. Damn.. He was only 18 years old and got UP... Only the good die young..
  2. On top of all this media attention.. 800+ people died in Baghdad today that no one gives a fuk about...
  3. Anyone hear all these stories that they aren't really covering on the news. About the lootings, shootings, etc...
  4. Does anyone else find it funny when writers hook up the next year when the one they are currently in is barely half way over. "XXXXX ONE 2006 KID!!" What's the point of that? I could understand if its near the end of December, but I already see people writing 2006 in like July and August. Are we on some kind of race against time? If anything, I would be writing 2005 till December 31 11:59pm. I personally think dating your work is great to look BACK on... When you look at old flix and be like damn, that was x years ago, but it felt like just yesterday... i'm ramblin now shit.. i just can't get myself out of the 90's.... peace. "Time is the greatest teacher, unfortunately, it kills all its students..."
  5. Also, I wanted to mention that no matter how much graff writers deny it, at some point they were in this for some sort of "fame." So, its that hunger for fame, that makes it very sketchy of when you're considered "selling out." If you're writing your name all over the city, you obviously want people to know who you are... I'm just rambling.. there should be some sort of psycho+logical study on the mind of a graff writer..
  6. I've said this many times before. With all the information technology we have today, there will no longer be any "underground cultures" anymore... No matter how hard you try to keep info. contained, there's always going to be some idiot who's gonna blow up spots via the internet. To me, the last decade w/ any sense of true underground cultures will always be the 90's... This applies to everything and not just graffiti or hip hop. DJ's no longer find too much thrill in diggin because you can just log online and buy almost any record you want. Fashion has become corny... You can just go on ebay and buy any type of vintage lo or face item you want. It used to be through connects and actually meeting up. Everything from skating to street racing, clubs, raves, you name it is just blown up. Back in the day, people just had to go places and learn and explore on their own... Now, we just go online and become a part of some underground culture in Australia because we gain all the knowledge from their forums.. Its like graff writers want the public to accept graffiti and notice it, but then when it blows up, they are left all dazed and realize that it was better off when we just had it for ourselves... When graff is accepted by society, it changes the whole concept of it. So, do we really want that? But with all this complaining, we just have to adapt to the times. Keep the same formula and just take it to another level... I'm just another complainer.. so bring on the hate..
  7. You remember when we all grew up and we had those penmanship workbooks. Actually writing essays instead of typing them out in school. No one is even forced to practice even their handwriting nowadays. I blame it all on the computers... Its pretty sad that all these new kids can't even write their name legible. In my opinion, its the basis to doing any graffiti. You can copy a piece or throwup to perfection, and then when I see some terrible freehand it just discredits you completely.. At least this is the case in nyc where every generation, the writers just get worse and worse. Shit is going backwards it makes no sense. I guess back in the 80's and 90's we at least knew how to write proportionally... If I didn't know any better, I would think these kids are retarded...
  8. This is very true.... Joe responds to today's NYT article on Simon Curtis from the Irak Crew: "I love your site and have been doing graffiti/street art in some form or another and following it since about 1989. But I do not agree at all about that Simon Curtis article being so great from the Times. This dude acted like a fool, straight up and people are gonna glorify yet another suburban kid and his friends who obviously come from above avearge lifestyles and come to New York acting up and gettin all fucked up on whatever, and then they are made out to be some kind of cool, hip rebels. I am sorry, but I went through hanging in NYC since I was about 15, skating, chillin, doing whatever. Everyone experimented with this and that, got wild, went out, partied, had their fun, etc, etc. So why then is this dude made out to be some "graf rebel". The media comes up with some of the wackest, conrniest stories on things they don't know the half of. It's the same dumb scenario over and over. "Oh he hung out with a crazy group of bandits, he did this and that, he got fucked up" blah blah blah. What a fuckin dumb situation that was. I am not impressed at all with a 31 year old man getting all fucked up and then wondering why the fuck he got into some stupid situation like that. You're not 18 anymore. Yeah it was a prank, yeah he was fucked up on who knows what, but you start putting people's lives and well being at stake, and not knowing when to stop, and you are a grown man, you deserve what you get. If these were kids from the ghetto, they would have never heard the end of it. It would have been attempted murder charges. But these are some rich kids driving around in daddy's mercedes and acting like they are living the rough life. I see way too much of that these days. And then the stupid media bullshit of how they try to portray the dark underworld of what these kids do. It's so corny. The lower east side stopped being any kind of underworld about 15 years ago, so people need to chill with the dramatics. I am just really not impressed with a lot of these portrayals from young artists who have so much, go to expensive ass colleges and pretend they have nothing and are made out to be some kind of geniuses. I am way more impressed with artists who are doing their thing on the down low, not getting all fucked up every night, just into creating and being themselves. Not having to wear all the trendy $100 nike dunks and pre-ripped $100 soho boutique pants. Everyone is trying to live out some NYC fantasy that they saw in movies and read in books, and now they want to pretend they are a part of some movement. NYC will always be one of my favorite places and I grew up here, but any original movements died a long time ago. Maybe that's why all these so called hip people are trying to move near the projects in Brooklyn now, so they can try to convince people they are living the struggle. Life is just not like that in NYC anymore unless you are in the projects. It is the same thing with graffiti, a lot of street art people do not have respect for the art that started what they do. Cost and Revs were doing it years ago, it just wasn't labeled as anything else but graff. Tons of people were doing stickers back then. It just got bigger now and is evolving. But it seems like a lot of street artists really don't know the unwritten rules of it such as going over other people's shit. That's flat out disrespect to wheat paste over a fill in that is someone else's art creation. I am into both street art and graff and I will tell you, if a graff writer saw that happening to his fill in, he'd be pissed and probably fight the dude. Don't get me wrong, a lot of graff writers are caught up in so much unnecessary drama that is such bullshit like all the beef between writers. I could ramble on and on and I am sure you might not agree with everything and it is no disrespect to you directly, I just felt the need to give you my 2 cents on this. I know a lot of street artists and graff wirters are good people with good hearts, but this is aimed more towards the ones who are glorified for all the wrong things, living some soap opera lifestyles that they created all by themselves. I just don't think it is something to look up to when you have these cool people who try to do the right thing and are more on the down low with their art and personalities, not trying to live the rock star lifestyle. PEACE and keep up the good work!" Joe
  9. I'd say the one main advantage they have is probably PUBLICITY... Being that 90% of people working in PR are female.. Why wouldn't they cover a story like this... All they need are Japanese people to buy this shit.. (which they probably are)
  10. Check out this article on some guys that take drinkin 40's to the next level. Found article on http://www.vintagegearaddicts.com The 40oz. Crew ....
  11. Yea.. seen that.. I know of someone that got the yellow/red one also.. But, personally, I ain't feelin that jacket. I am also not 100% sure if that is even a Japanese jacket or what the deal with it is...
  12. lol Fresh Jive.. Brings it back to the skating days.. I remember I had an olive green Fresh Jive hoody that my father somehow ended up with and rocks around the house nowadays..
  13. If you are from New York City, you know what I'm talking about. 90's lifestyle... Anybody got any stories, collections to share... check out these sites: Vintage Gear Addicts Online Magazine http://www.vintagegearaddicts.com Brooklyn Basements http://www.bklynbasements.com
  14. VINTAGE GEAR ADDICTS If this includes hard to find 90's clothing... also.. BROOKLYN BASEMENTS
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